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"Get the police, get..."/ The man and the boy rape the woman, take her home

2023-09-06 21:25:00, Denoncim CNA

"Get the police, get..."/ The man and the boy rape the woman, take her

"Stop" was in Lezha, after a lady told what games her ex-husband with whom she lived for 23 years played. The latter, in cooperation with the construction company, alienated the property purchased in 2017-2018.

"I signed the contract. When I come now in the summer, I find out that this house has moved with papers, with the contract, talked with the builder of the building and made another contract without my permission that my name is not in that contract", he said .

In the end the house passed to a person related to her ex-husband, his brother-in-law. In all these actions, the complainant was not asked at all by the notary Fran Gjoni.

Lawyer Arben Llangozi shows the violations of the family code in this case, through fictitious contracts in the notary's office, at a time when the notary system does not allow these acts.

"When this property is bought by the husband, it means that we are dealing with a property with a marital regime that has equal rights. All the more so since all the contracts were made with this notary. The conclusion of the other contract is also fictitious because it was done with the intention of hiding this asset. We are dealing with several consecutive forged contracts. From 2013 onwards, the notary has an Albanian notary register, called RNSH, and every type of action or transaction the notary has defined in this register. The family certificate should also be there, where the notary should have been based, before revoking the contract. He should definitely have asked for the certificates to prove whether there were other people who had property rights from this contract or not," said lawyer Llangozi.

The notary himself does not accept the violations.

Notary: What did you have? Come! Yes tell me!

Citizen: About the problem of the house of... Now, how is it a problem?

Notary: He made a business contract. This is not a house. That is, he booked it as an apartment. He paid 43,000 Euros, the contract was broken and the company returned 43,000 Euros. This is.

Citizen: Without the woman's knowledge, how can he give it?

Notary: Hey, please, here you are..!

Citizen: I'm asking you, man!

Notary: He came and made the contract himself, without the woman's knowledge. The contract here…

Citizen: No, he didn't do it without the woman's knowledge, but what if...

Notary: Yes, how do I know. Shife, where Gjergj Suti says here, has given... representatives... order it. He did it without the woman's knowledge. When he orders it, he has the knowledge of the woman, when he withdraws it without the woman.

Citizen: I mean, when I buy a house and I'm married or I order something, when I make a revocation, it doesn't appear there, meaning that I'm married and the bride must also come to sign, or...?

Notary: Since 2019, son. I did it in 2019 with the old system, but now, with the new system, which automatically includes the woman, it's a different problem. Until then, they don't have the wife back.

Notary: There are two ways, either you have to talk to the firm, if not, or you will receive 22,000 Euros or 22,500 Euros.

Citizen: Or revoke this. I will make this notary, which you have done, illegal.

Notary: This is resolved only by court decision.

Notary: With a civil lawsuit. The invalidity of this revocation of the contract.

Citizen: Returns to the initial state as…

Notary: Yes, with a court decision. Yes, that court decision will last you 2 years, 3 years. I file another appeal, I spend 3-4 years in the Court of Appeals...

When the woman tried to enter the apartment owned by her ex-husband, but forged documents, she was raped not only by him but also by the 18-year-old boy.

"It happened that I opened the door and half an hour had passed, I was with the little girl and my sister. Goca was happy and when my husband comes with two bags and a friend of the bag and where he takes it, there was a worker at the house, he takes it and pushes it and says what do you want to my house. He comes to me to record me and tries to hunt me down", said the informant.

Gjergj Suti (husband): Do you know that you touched foreign property?

The informant: Do not touch the foreign man! Go!

The informant: Run away, I told you, run away! I shoot!

"The boy removes the camera. After the camera is closed, the man comes and puts his hands around my throat and punches me in the head. He tells me to leave here, that this is not your house", said the informant./tvklan

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