"You are a lioness, break the chains of slavery"/ Elders fight with knives for a woman

2023-09-13 21:10:57, Denoncim CNA

"You are a lioness, break the chains of slavery"/ Elders fight with

Love for a woman has brought two elderly people into trouble in Tirana. This is the case that the show Stop on Tv Klan treated this Wednesday.

Merdan Xhafa, 71 years old, complained about 73-year-old Fatmir Zika, both residents of the Fresk area, that the latter stabbed him.

The cause was a lady who works with the maintenance of Mr. Merdan Xhafa's house. But it seems that 73-year-old Fatmir Zika has shown feelings of love for this lady.

"I am Merdan Xhafa, retired. I have worked in the State Police for 35 years. I am divorced and have 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. I have been living alone for 1 year. I spend the day in the morning, I go out with my friends, drink coffee, buy the things we need and return home. In the afternoon I go out again with the company until 20:00-21:00. That's how I spent my time. I am not good at cooking. Both chunas stay in the palace. I keep the nieces until the daughter-in-law comes home from work, and then they take them. During the time that I am alone, I asked for a maid. A friend of mine authorized me for this workshop and I took it on the phone and it comes and works for me for 2 hours. She cooks and cleans. Madam, very correct for work and everything, I have a good time. Fatmir Zika stabbed me. I have neither friend nor companion. When it came 5-6 years ago, I drank it with this coffee. I said to the worker, if you want to drink coffee while you are working for me, I will pay for the coffee. We drank coffee together. When there was time, when there was no time, he ran away. Fatmiri followed us everywhere we went. I found the number and took it on the phone, I told him I want to have a coffee. Yes, he said, come on. He comes suddenly and shoots me directly, takes out his knife and shoots directly. I caught him blocking his knife. If I hadn't blocked the knife, I would be in the grave today. The waiter intervened and some other people who were there in the bar also ran away. We made a report to the police, the police officer there took the report and sent me to the Institute of Forensic Medicine. I went there, he also filled out the report for me. I feel threatened until it's gone, I'm guarded until it's gone. Before we came to the bar, you told me you won't keep him at work anymore. I told him how I will not keep him at work anymore? What's up with you? She is an employee of mine. What do you have with him, decide with him, not with me. He has some interest, but I don't know what interest he has."

But the lady in question denies having a relationship with 73-year-old Fatmir Zika, but says that she works for a living and that she is married.

Mrs. X: This whole situation... I can't imagine it. I am a lady, who has a diabetic husband, who works from family to family. That gentleman has fallen on our necks and Insh'Allah, the God of justice, may this situation of ours be put to rest! I work door to door, I work, the desert, I take out the crust of the bread. I have a house for rent. We just know each other, we sell oil, we sell brandy. In every time. I go to work, I go to the table..., it was Mr. Shit. Oh yes, what's wrong with me, tell me, I'm here... I have a complete family. He may have created many things, but I have a list, a notebook, we tell him from our side. I go out for a living. I work day and night! I turn my head, come from behind him and shoot him with fists and then take a knife out of the bag. I feel very threatened and very offended, because in every bar that I have gone to,

Stop's journalist made a confrontation between two elderly people, Merdan Xhafa and Fatmir Zika. The latter says that he has feelings for the lady and that he is jealous that he works at Merdan Xhafa's house. On the other hand, he denies that he stabbed Mr. Merdan with a knife, but with a key.

Fatmir Zika: He told me that you follow us wherever we go. You do whatever you want with what you have. This guy has a friend. I have 4 years with him.

Journalist: Do you have anything else to do with the lady?

Fatmir Zika: Yes, this definitely does not need to be understood. When I say 4 years since I've known her, her proposal was for me. My wife died. He said: "I will hold you like God."

Journalist: Did you try to stab the gentleman?

Fatmir Zika: Never. Me with a knife? Is this a knife?

Fatmir Zika: Yes. Why would I say no?

Journalist: So you admit that you hit Mr. Merdan?

Fatmir Zika: Are you a man or not? Be a man first. Man with 2 r. You are not a man.

Journalist: What makes you nervous?

Journalist: And you decided to hit him?

Journalist: Yes, you did these blows, because you accepted it.

Merdan Xhafa: What did I do to you that you hit me?

Journalist: Are feelings of jealousy related?

Merdan Xhafa: Well, that's why I fell for it. Collect the mind and leave me comfortable.

Fatmir Zika: You have me behind, but not for bad reasons. I have a brother, but you don't appreciate it. He has a pistol in his pocket.

Merdan Xhafa: I handed over the pistol since I retired.

Fatmir Zika: I don't know. She says so, they want to separate us both. I'm on your side, he says. He should know it well.

Fatmir Zika's cell phone has a lot of love messages and poems that he sent to his wife./ tvklan

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