"I'll choke you! Degenerate you! "Eat me!" SPAK's "prosecutor" cheats and takes thousands of Euros

2023-09-20 21:50:31, Denoncim CNA

"I'll choke you! Degenerate you! "Eat me!" SPAK's

The editorial office of "Stop" has received the denunciation of a lady who wants to remain anonymous. She says that 10 months ago in October 2022, she gave a person from Tirana 10 thousand Euros.

"A person deceived me and his name is Vebi Ibrahimaj. I knew him from a social circle", said the informant.

Vebi Brahimaj introduced himself as a prosecutor at SPAK and promised to double his money for two weeks, as he needed it for a tender of police uniforms.

"He introduced me that he works at SPAK, he is a prosecutor there. He took 10,000 Euros from me and told me that since we know each other, why don't you take those money? He needed them for a tender he had just started and told me that I will invest them there. The only thing he told me was that he would invest in police uniforms and invest 50,000 in the 4.5 million Euros that he would win in the tender ," said the whistleblower.

Brahimaj sexually harasses the woman, but when it comes to the debt, he only postpones the deadline.

Vebi Brahimaj: Poo, poo, all this rare beauty, let it stay... let all this rare beauty stay like this.

In a communication with the lady, Brahimaj claims that he is a prosecutor at SPAK, but when the woman told him that she would go to this institution, Brahimaj avoided it.

Complainant: I need money urgently, because my father is sick!

Vebi Brahimaj: What did I tell you? Stop talking now!

Complainant: Now I'm leaving for SPAK.

Vebi Brahimaj: Time to start, wherever you want, I don't care about that job at all, what are you doing now! If you wanted, when I come back! Are you OK…? If you didn't want to, I don't care at all, where you go. I don't ask about that job, what do you say... go where you want!

Reporter: Ok! I want to make this conversation of yours big and you have to see if you will give the money or not...

Vebi Brahimaj: We'll see who does better, me or you... now.

Complainant: Ok, you took my money. You took 16 thousand Euros from me. You told me that you will give me % for them?!

Complainant: You took 6,000 euros from me the first time, which you gave me... and you took 10,000 euros from me again?

Vebi Brahimaj: Yes, yes, very well, that's what it was all about...

The whistleblower: O prosecutor! I will come to SPAK and talk there!

Vebi Brahimaj: No, you don't need it! When I come, when I return...

Reporter: No, no! I will go!

Vebi Brahimaj: Go wherever you want...! When I return from Bulgaria, let's talk together!

Complainant: And when do you return from Bulgaria?

Vebi Brahimaj: I will leave from 16:00, or tomorrow morning.

Complainant: You introduced yourself to me as the SPAK prosecutor, and since you introduced yourself to me as the SPAK prosecutor, I will go to the prosecutor's office and ask about you, and there I will tell you so and so, these, these! That's it!

Vebi Brahimaj: And what are you going to do?

The whistleblower: You will see what will happen!

In September, the whistleblower came to Tirana to SPAK, from where she sent a video to Vebi.

"In the two months that have passed, every week has delayed it by one week. Now I was forced to come to Tirana myself, I also went to SPAK", said the whistleblower.

The latter gets angry to the point where he threatens his life and insults him with the harshest words.

Vebi Brahimaj: Stop talking! Come on, don't fuck me! Ore, you never get them, you know? Oh man! Don't fuck me! Who do you say that to? Yes, you eat my shit! I choke you! Degenerate you! You know, who are you talking to?! Degenerate you! Oh, do you know who you're talking to?! Destroy the tribe! Everything! What am I telling you? I told you in September. When I love you, I will bring them…!/ tvklan

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