"You spoke and they hit me in the bidet"/ The private asylum disappears documentation

2023-09-18 22:40:16, Denoncim CNA

"You spoke and they hit me in the bidet"/ The private asylum

Two weeks ago, "Stop" aired the denunciation of Mrs. Nafije at the address of the "Rays of Life" Private Asylum.

Her mother, the late Kadrije Ruko, was accommodated in this home for the care of the elderly by her eldest son. According to Nafije, the 86-year-old paralyzed mother was raped and abused in this institution.

Nafija used to visit her mother and the latter told her that they mistreated her and did not give her anything to eat or drink.

Nafija herself even found hematomas on her deceased mother's body. Ms. Nafije also has photographs she took of her mother showing the signs of abuse.

Lili Sadaj, the wife of the administrator of the "Rays of Life" asylum, said that the late Kadrije, from time to time, did uncontrolled actions.

On the other hand, for the center's doctor Selim Ibrahimi, the diagnosis was tension and cardiac problems.

After the broadcast of "Stop", the inspector of the Directorate of Inspection of Standards of Social Services, Ardian Stafa, after checking this institution, says that no documented situation, positive events or incidents have been found.

"This kind of thing is missing for all".

The private asylum is tasked with documenting every visit, impression or complaint, and if this task is not met, Rays of Life may face license suspension.

"We have lack of documentation. This means that one of the standards that regulates the entire complaint handling procedure and beyond has not been met. Measures have been taken, to be dealt with by procedure, to record all incidents. It is understood that when you say procedure you mean to document how you handled it. Non-fulfilment by the center will then lead to the proposal of sanctions as proposed by the law"./tvklan

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