Stop/ I will serve you when you look at your ears without a mirror", he robs the house and abandons the invalid

2023-09-26 21:17:29, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ I will serve you when you look at your ears without a mirror", he

Sotir Miçi is a 66-year-old citizen, who says that in his most difficult moments, they took advantage to rob his house.

He is alone and impossible due to his poor health, and for this reason he seeks the help of the show Stop on TV Klan.

When Mr. Sotir suffered a thrombosis in his leg, Elona Saraçi asked him for the house with a deed of donation, with the condition that she would take care of him until the end of his life. Sotir Miçi's house will be owned by Elona Saraçi after the 66-year-old has passed away.

After Elona received the signature of the donation, she abandoned Sotiri at a very difficult moment for her, as she lost her left leg due to thrombosis. Today, the 66-year-old is cared for by a gentleman who prefers to remain anonymous.

"The lady took me to the notary to get the signature of the house. After 20 days that the leg started, I told him I'm dying, if you don't sign me there you'll die like a dog, he told me. I don't even have to work with my hands, I just want a babysitter" , says Mr. Sotir Miçi.

Stop went to the notary Valbona Selimi, who drew up the apartment donation contract. She says that the deed of donation is irrevocable, but Sotiri's house goes to Elona after the donor's death. She even says that she won't win anything in this case even with a trial.

Citizen - That lady, who took care of him, doesn't care anymore, she showed me a notary contract that she made here at your place.

Notary – Has made a donation contract. Let me explain it: it says with the condition that this contract will be registered, that is, the ownership will be transferred to Elona's name when he is no longer alive. Do you understand me? No further and this contract is registered in the mortgage. Sotiri is always the owner, but it will be registered in Elona's name the moment he passes away.

Citizen – Elona would serve him until the end of his life. After making this contract, he stayed on the streets.

The notary - Elona doesn't care anymore?

Notary - Legally, the donation cannot be revoked, because it makes no sense to revoke it. But now they don't have asylum anymore?

Citizen - No, they don't have asylum anymore.

Notary – Well, who takes care of her now?

The notary - She doesn't pay him, why?

Notreja - Well, let's connect with him then!

Citizen - Well, he had the problem, that he suffered a stroke and had gangrene in his leg.

Noterja - Well, because people are... I remember when I went back then, there was this problem with my leg.

Citizen - Well, she didn't take him to the hospital, if she didn't make the contract.

Citizen - What about in court, for example, if we take it to court, how is it resolved?

Notary - Yes, not even with a court. You'll spend, you won't gain anything, get it. You will leave millions of lek with a lawyer if you don't... You are lost! Do you understand me?

In a phone call between 66-year-old Sotiri Miçi and Elona Saraçi, the latter says that she will serve him "when she can see her ears without a mirror".

Elona Saraçi: When you see your ears without a mirror, then I will come to serve you. OK? When you see your ears without a mirror, make a good note of what I told you! I serve you, breakfast, lunch, dinner, eh? I do not serve my child.

While in communication with Stop, Elona accepts the opposite.

Elona Saraçi - Listen! I have always been with him because we have always been in constant communication and the reason I don't open the phone to him is a complete lie because he lies from start to finish. And he has not been at the mercy of fate at all. Yes, he chose differently, to stay with another person, than with me.

As far as the health problem is concerned, the first pre-tetraplegia commission did not give Sotiri companionship status, because, according to them, his diagnosis does not prevent him from normal daily life activities./ tvklan

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