"My salary does not have the value of my colleagues."/ The principal bluffs, gives the teacher a "crippled salary"

2023-09-25 22:17:56, Denoncim CNA

"My salary does not have the value of my colleagues."/ The principal

The investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan has traveled to Rrogozhina for the problem of a Social Sciences teacher, with a diploma as a teacher of Secondary and Higher Education. She has been working full-time for 4 years at the "Haxhi Qehaj" high school in Rrogozhinë, where she was appointed 3 years ago. The lady's problem is related to payment. While her colleagues, in the same conditions, or with fewer years of work, are paid 600 thousand old Lek per month, she receives only 56 thousand Lek.

Complainant: I have been a teacher at the "Haxhi Qehaj" gymnasium in Rrogozhina for 4 years. I am a Social Sciences teacher. I entered the workplace through the portal since it was vacant and I was the first to exit the portal. The problem starts with the salary. During all these years of work, I have not been paid as a high school teacher. My salary does not have the value of my teachers and colleagues, with whom we can say that we entered the same period. I am paid 56,000 Lek, while my colleagues can get 60,000 Lek. At "Co-governance" they told me that "you are right" and that I will be paid for the period in which I was not paid enough. I have not received any solution.

Education expert, Ndriçim Mehmeti: As long as she has a diploma in AML, even if she teaches in kindergarten, it doesn't matter at all. It is paid with the degree that it is because that is what the degree is for. This is a "Albanian goddess" story where everyone gets carried away and says "how can I make life difficult for an individual". For the first time, the principal of the school has made him a contract and he must present the conditions. He asked for his right and they don't tell him why these money was taken away from him. It is a huge amount, which, plus the crippling salary they have made, has also put stress on him and demotivated him as a person. They demotivate you and then raise their hands and say "we don't know anything". They should give back to the lady with a big apology and all the bonuses they deserve.

The Regional Directorate of Pre-University Education Durrës has accepted the problem and has asked the Local Office of Pre-University Education Rrogozhinë to make the payment for the teacher in question as a high school teacher, together with the missing differences. But ZVA Rrogozhin does not take any action. The financial expert at ZVA Rrogozhinë says that the teacher received the money in order, as she completed the norm with hours of the 9-year cycle.

Finance Specialist: The lady's payments are regular according to the appointment she had in the school where she is a teacher. She's a high school teacher and has had a bunch of classes, part high school and a junior high school, not a high school. This was before the period that I was employed here. I make the payment according to the attendance list that comes to me from the School Directorate. We do not have a letter to make the compensation of the differences of the wrongly paid payments.

But "Stop" proves that the teacher completes all 20 hours at the Rrogozhina gymnasium. Under these conditions, the journalist waits for the director of the ZVA Rrogozhinë, Luan Sheshi, who asks for time to examine the documents.

Dr. ZVA Rrogozhinë, Luan Shehi: I will examine the case and give an exhaustive answer, always based on the laws and the relevant instructions. We're late, but we'll do it. We will look into it, I want my time too.

After the meeting with the director of the Local Office of Pre-University Education Rrogozhinë there were developments after the teacher was called to a meeting with the lawyer and the guilt was accepted. From September 2023, she will be paid as a high school teacher. Regarding the differences that were not given for so many years, in fact it is said that this office has no funds. The call of "Stop" is clear: Find the funds and pay the teacher!/ tvklan

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