Denunciation of Fiks Fare/ "He hit me with a beer glass, I lost one of my eyes", the author is sentenced to "free status"

2023-12-11 20:58:36, Denoncim CNA

Denunciation of Fiks Fare/ "He hit me with a beer glass, I lost one of my

A teacher, on the verge of retirement, seeks justice for her son. Tefta Çeçaj addressed the show "Fiks Fare" about an event that happened on November 8, 2022, on "Tish Daia" street in Tirana.

"The incident happened to my son Bergi Çeçaj, 33 years old. He was playing with friends in a neighborhood bar. After they finish the game, the boy stays to watch a match. Friends left, the moment he turns from the TV and someone tells him that you young people today don't know how to play. After a few minutes, the person gets up from the table and hits the boy in the face with a glass of beer. The beer glass breaks in his face. His retina is detached, there were many cracks on his face" , says Tefta.

Then it shows that the biggest damage was in the right eye.

"When I took him for eye surgery, the doctor said it was dangerous to remove his eye. And with a lot of effort we managed to save the eyeball. The event was filmed by the bar's security cameras. There it seems that he gets up and punches him hard in the face. The images are terrible" , she continues, while also serving the investigative show the images of the event.

In the video, the injured Bergi Çeçaj can be seen standing on a table. A person gets up from the next table, takes his beer glass and shoots him in the face. Berg puts his hands on his head and the floor of the bar is filled with blood. The author, as if nothing had happened, sat quietly in his place. There are dozens of customers in the bar, but no one gives them first aid!

"The boy did not have any kind of help. Not even the one who hit him. Also from other members. He took the beans and headed for a taxi to the Military Hospital. They tell him on the street that it is an emergency, the police accompany him to the hospital. The ready group interrogates him and the boy spent 9 days in the hospital. The moment we made the report, the person was arrested and released the next day. The person's name is Nikoll Andoni. I don't know who released him. Nothing came out, not even a report" , says the teacher, who also works as a part-time fashion designer to cover the costs of her son's treatment.

She has "fought" with the justice system so that the author receives the punishment he deserves. "They tell me that the author is outside. I take OPGj and tell him protect me and him. They arrest him and he comes out after 1 month again. The judge who had granted the security measure accused him of minor injury. To this day he is free. Prosecutor Suela Salavaçi headed the investigations. I have asked her twice to ask the boy how the incident happened, she has not called her once," continues Tefta, while saying that after her family was ignored, the court gave the decision.

" The case was judged on November 16 of this year. The decision was 3 years and with summary judgment, the judge gave 2 years. The charge was for grievous bodily harm with intent. The boy met the perpetrator and he did not apologize. At least answer to the damage he did. I do not know! The person, when the boy met him in the bar, said 'you have nothing to do with me, because I am protected by X'. So far, no thorn has entered his leg, " says Tefta, as she points out that her son has lost his right eye and has other marks on his face.

For the event, 2 forensic examinations were done. Initially, the incident was considered a minor injury. The first examination was done on November 30, 2022. Collapse of the soft tissues of the face accompanied by massive wounds on the cheekbone, right cheek, right eyelid and right side of the mouth were found. The above injuries were caused by a strong sharp instrument and fall into the category of those that have caused temporary incapacitation for more than 9 days. This examination says damage to the eyelids, not the eyes. In the end, he considered it a minor injury!

The family members have insisted on another forensic examination.

On April 6, 2023, the medical examiners determined that "in Bergi Çeçaj, confusion of the pupil of the right eye, internal damage of the eye and loss of his central vision were found. The injuries fall into the category of serious ones, as they have caused loss of vision in the right eye, loss of permanent ability or reduction of vital activity to the extent of 1/3 ".

This time, they have verified the real injuries, considering the injuries as serious injuries!

"I took her to plastic surgery and they told me it can't be done. He underwent surgery in a private hospital, we have retinal detachment. After the operation, the boy still cannot see to this day. I will do another operation", says Tefta.

Fiksi also contacted Berg. Initially, the victim told the incident of November 8, 2022. According to him, the hit by the perpetrator was unexpected.

"I was with my friends playing cards. Everyone left, a person called Nikoll Andoni started talking. I said go away because you don't know how to play by yourself. After that he gets up and hits me with a beer bottle. Then he sits at the same table as if nothing had happened at all. He doesn't even deserve to apologize. At least apologize. It's good that he didn't do that, it's good that he came out in November, he was released, and now he goes out and drinks coffee in front of my neighborhood where my father, mother and I pass by ," the 33-year-old claims.

The consequences of the November 8 event continue to this day. He has had several operations, while he will undergo another intervention in January 2024.

"I have done 1 facial, 2 for the eye and I have to do another one in January. The eye is made from scratch, disintegrated. The author was released by a court decision, sentence or investigation in a state of freedom. How can he be acquitted that he is dangerous for intentional grievous hurt. With great composure", concludes Bergi.

But, unlike the victim of this event who says that the author is dangerous, the prosecution and the court have been kind to the author. Article 88 of the Criminal Code, intentional serious injury, provides that; "Intentional injury, which has resulted in mutilation, disfigurement or any other permanent damage to health, is punishable by imprisonment from 3 to 10 years ". The court sentenced him to 3 years in prison, the minimum stipulated in the Criminal Code. Even with summary judgment. If this was not enough, the court did not issue an execution order to arrest the perpetrator and serve 2 years in prison, but let him go free until the Appeal trial, which could last for months.

"I work 2 jobs, I am a teacher and I retire in December. Husband retired, son unemployed. 2 days before the event, he was going to go on a cruise to America, this opportunity was taken away. I demand justice, if not the court, then I don't know how to act", concludes Tefta./ tch

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