"Nepotism and corruption" / Artur Mamadhaj's denunciation after the message from the Special Appeal Board

2023-12-09 10:08:00, Denoncim CNA

"Nepotism and corruption" / Artur Mamadhaj's denunciation after

Cases of corruption in Albania are frequent and are becoming public day by day.

Corruption is not absent even in state institutions when it comes to the employment of various officials in leadership positions.

A case of unfair competition for a job position was reported by Artur Mamadhaj, an investment and wealth expert, as well as an anti-corruption expert, that is, a man with a career who has contributed to various functions in the state.

He submitted the documentation to compete for the position of "Director of the Economic Directorate and Support Services" but the answer was negative.

"We inform you that the Ad Hoc Committee, at the Special Appeals College, after reviewing the documentation submitted by you for the position of "Director of the Economic Directorate and Support Services", has decided to disqualify you for lack of experience as a manager. Thanking you, Special Appeals Panel.", is the answer that Mamadhaj received for the position in question.

After receiving the answer, Artur Mamadhaj accused the institution in question of nepotism, corruption, and meritless corruption. He could have hundreds of other reasons why Mamadhaj, who has many experiences, could be disqualified, but not for the fact that he has not held a leadership position.

"Nepotism and corruption" / Artur Mamadhaj's denunciation after

"I accuse you and I will denounce you publicly in the media and in justice for nepotistic job contests, corruption, and meritless corruption! I am very revolted and insulted by you, for the illegal and correct treatment! But I have a difference with you, I am independent and controlled by the state, you are not! Karma works! The law yes.! I will denounce the media, assembly, state control, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere! No one dares to mock my investment of life for the state with courtesy and honesty, a life in justice with a model audit director. I have audited your two holders as Sokol Comon and the General Secretary! ", he says./ CNA

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