10 artists fired / Conductor Tanto: We were replaced by mercenaries from RTSH

2024-04-12 22:19:00, Denoncim CNA

10 artists fired / Conductor Tanto: We were replaced by mercenaries from RTSH

Conductor Kostika Tanto, in an interview for CNA TV, spoke about the non-renewal of the contract for some of the instrumentalists of the Korca String Orchestra, including the conductor himself.

He said that 10 artists were left out of the musical formation, calling the decision a great loss for the orchestra and for the entire city of Korça.

It's not just my personal issue, it's just the city's issue.

"It is a very big asset that Korça had a string orchestra for 8 years, which it no longer has today.

I am very worried for several reasons. For the first time, we have been replaced by mercenaries from Tirana who take money from Kor?a taxpayers and continue to take it until the end of December.

Second, I am concerned that we have an insult to our personality. Respected teachers of Korça who were expelled by a string orchestra.

I am speaking in the first person to Zamira Kita, my old friend. At the last meeting, we were told that far fewer have left the orchestra than those who have stayed. Learn math Zamira. The orchestra consisted of 18 people and 10 people left, 4 violins, 3 cellos, 2 violas and me," the conductor told CNA TV.

Tanto also accused the General Director of Art and Culture in Korça, Zamira Kita, saying that the instrumentalists of Korça have been fired, to be replaced by people who work at Albanian Radio Television, people who, according to Tanto, have received the appointment in Korça, by order from Tirana.

"Since the last meeting we held on December 27, when we were told that the symphony orchestra will be formed, I very much agree that the symphony orchestra will be formed, but I have been skeptical that there is no strength in Korça to form a symphony orchestra. And time showed it in the concert that was held for the inauguration of the Palace of Culture, the largest mass of spirit was from Tirana, except for these mercenaries of the string orchestra that I will call traitors", he further expressed.

Tanto further clarified that the artists have requested an increase in payment at the end of last year by refusing to be included in the Symphony Orchestra until receiving an answer, while as a response they received the non-renewal of contracts at the beginning of this year. The conductor requests from the City Council of Kor?a to take measures against the Center of Art and Culture, as with these actions, according to him, the dignity of Kor?a artists has been reduced.

"Therefore, I request from the Municipal Council that in my opinion the payment of those who are in RTSH is a financial abuse.

Secondly, we ask for the replacement of that depersonalization that was done to us by all the staff, I don't know who made these decisions.

I ask Zamira to come out and answer these things.

I tell the Municipal Council to consider all the events that happened with the string orchestra because tomorrow it could happen with other groups.

We simply asked for a salary increase. No answer was given to us, I have said since March 5th. To be told there is no money. Certainly not this year, there will be next year. We were not told this.

When we said that the symphony orchestra was going to be created, we told him that this activity costs money. We were also told by director Belliu and general director Zamira Kita that there is no money for this activity.

I am indignant about the colossal work that was done for 8 years in a row, which brought the orchestra 7 awards to Korça, and to receive from the RTSH to be a scold to them, I am very sorry for this", the conductor further stated.

Contacted by CNA, the General Director of Art and Culture in Korça, Zamira Kita, and the Director of the Cultural Center, Blerta Belliu, categorically denied the director's claims, calling them baseless.

The Center of Art and Culture in Korça has emphasized earlier that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Korça Symphony Orchestra and all artistic forces have been called to rebuild this formation that will be led by the conductor Ilir Erzeni, but some of them have not declined. agree with the financial opportunities that are foreseen, which according to the CAC, has caused the contract for some instrumentalists not to be renewed. / CNA

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