The death of political responsibility and the degradation of the majority into a pack of bazhibozuks

2024-04-03 18:32:00, Aktualitet CNA

The death of political responsibility and the degradation of the majority into a

When the Big Ring scandal broke, Edi Rama was at the beginning of his second term. The well of the Renaissance was not yet all stank, and at least formally there was still a thread of political responsibility.

A week after Ylli Rakipi published the documents proving that DH Albania had forged the signature of the secretary of state in Delaëare, Damian Gjinkuri was forced to guide the cancellation of the 18 million euro tender. Practically no damage was caused to the state because the tender was not carried out. But this could not save either Gjiknuri or his subordinate in ARRSH.

Edi Rama removed Damian Gjiknuri from the government, while Belinda Balluku kicked Afrim Qendron out of the office of the director of ARRSH. And this was not the only case. In 2018, due to student protests or other public scandals, almost half of the government left office.

But now the well has completely stank and political responsibility is dead. The successor of Damian Gjiknuri was captured by the director of the ARRSH. This time, in terms of responsibility, the scandal was even more serious than that of the Ring.

Balluk's right-hand man and closest man was not arrested because a company had forged the papers in the tender. He gave the tenders to himself and took the citizens' money to his private accounts. However, nothing happened politically. Evis Berberi was arrested by SPAK, while Belinda Balluku continues to work as the most powerful government minister.

The standard is dead and political responsibility is out of date. But the annihilation of accountability turns the entire state into a quagmire. As it is happening.

Erion Veliaj, one of the key figures of the socialist majority already resembles the General of the Dead Army of Kadare. Almost all of its most important directors and former directors are in prison or serious candidates to go there.

But while SPAK has decapitated the entire chain of command of the Municipality, the general continues in office, without any political consequences. Although in this case the political responsibility is more direct. The entire group of arrested directors are exclusive appointments of Veliaj and the tenders they have given themselves are procurements with contracting authority of the Municipality of Tirana.

The degradation of governance and the death of the standard of political accountability is an open invitation to plunder. The message from the head is clear. Everyone steals here and political responsibility has lost its meaning. Who saves, good. Whoever gets caught has it for his own fortune.

So today Edi Rama looks a lot like Sultan Fetihu. When he stormed Constantinople, Mehmet was clear with his janissaries. "Take as much loot as you like, I only need Constantinople." This is also the philosophy of Renaissance today. Bazhibozuks can plunder the whole state. The Sultan only needs power./ Kapitali.al

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