Imeraj lists the reasons/ Why SPAK should investigate the incinerators in a single file

2023-12-11 21:28:00, Aktualitet CNA
Imeraj lists the reasons/ Why SPAK should investigate the incinerators in a
Former chief prosecutor Elisabeta Imeraj 

Former chief prosecutor Elisabeta Imeraj said this evening that the affair of the incinerators of Fier, Elbasan and Tirana should be investigated in a single file.

She listed the reasons on Alba Alishan's show. Imeraj said that one reason is that the same mechanisms and the same characters were used in all 3 incinerators.

Also, the former chief prosecutor stated that the investigation in a single file would reveal the complete chain of the affair of the century.

"What makes us discuss it is the part that is related to the fact and that we must return to once again, perhaps for procedural effects in the first place, but also for a more complete and coherent investigation in every detail at the time properly, it would have been possible for the Special Prosecutor's Office to have decided to investigate the investigation into the incinerators in a single file. So, let it be Elbasan, Tirana and Fieri. Also because of the same characters, but if we look at the mechanisms used, the suspected persons are the same.

If the investigation would be in a single file, then it would be possible to take the chain of how it happened from the moment of initiation to the moment of signing the contracts.

And on the other hand, it would be another good thing in the procedural range not to assign 3 security measures to a single individual. In fact, basically, regardless of the dangerousness of the work, of the author and the administered evidence, some standards are at risk," she said.

Imeraj emphasized that the investigation into separate files creates doubts about the standards used in each file.

"The investigation of these files in a separate way, also brings this so that each of us has the right to create a line of suspicion, if they were all treated the same", underlined the former chief prosecutor./ CNA


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