EXCLUSIVE/SPAK: The investigation into the incinerators continues with facts, evidence and other people under investigation

2023-12-11 14:34:00, Aktualitet CNA
EXCLUSIVE/SPAK: The investigation into the incinerators continues with facts,

On Friday, following the request of the prosecutor Dritan Prençi, the Court decided to arrest 15 people in connection with the Tirana incinerator affair, among them two important directors of the mayor Erion Veliaj.

Politics and the media seem twofold. There is dissatisfaction. These two names are not enough. The opposition wants to go to the mayor Veliaj and the prime minister.

Another part of the people believe that the case has been closed and the lid has been put on it so far and others who hope that there will be positive changes regarding the investigations of SPAK or the last ones who seek to escape and the story will be closed as soon as possible.

According to official data and sources provided by CNA today , the investigations have not been closed.

An official source told CNA that investigations into the incinerators are continuing with other names involved in the investigation with other facts and documents being verified.

What happened on Friday is the first step of the first part of the investigation file for the incinerators, and if you can see, all the procedural actions until 2017.

Meanwhile, the same source told CNA that there are many names in the investigation and the investigations continue and are being deepened with verification of documents with facts and evidence to substantiate any accusation against any person involved in the incinerator affair./ CNA

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