"I am in prison because of Saliu"/ Nard Koka answers his brother: You are in prison because of Rama

2023-12-11 19:49:00, Aktualitet CNA
"I am in prison because of Saliu"/ Nard Koka answers his brother: You
Lefter Head

During today's court session for the incinerators, the former Minister of the Environment, Lefter Koka, stated that Sali Berisha is in prison.

The reasons that prompted Lefter Koka to make such a statement are not known.

After his testimony became public and the news circulated on social networks, his brother, Nard Koka, who is known as a strong 'player' behind the political scene, refutes this statement of the former minister.

In a conversation published by Çim Peka, Nard Koka makes Prime Minister Rama responsible for his brother's imprisonment.

Part of the conversation between Çim Peka and Nard Koka:

Çim Peka:  Before handing over the deputy's mandate, did Rama give him a guarantee that nothing would happen?

Nar Koka : Yes, I talked to the Americans, you are not 'non grata'. You will have an easy mountain if you handed over the mandate. If you did not submit it, the mountain is higher. I told my brother, don't give it up. The brother submitted Çim Peka: Who wrote the resignation text to the brother?

Nar Koka:  I heard. After the meeting with Rama, I only saw in the media that he had written it. These are Rama's words that I heard two months ago.

Çim Peka:  So you're saying that Rama gave him a guarantee that I spoke with the Americans, there is no non grata, there is no investigation, they don't make it a mountain

Nar Koka : They will not be declared non grata, if you do not resign, the punishment will be severe, but if you resign, the punishment will be milder.

Çim Peka:  Did he promise that he won't go to jail?

Nar Koka:  Yes, he told him that you will be under house arrest

Çim Peka:  Did Rama really intervene to free him and he simply had no chance or did he lie to him?

Nar Koka:  He simply deceived him because he has nothing left in his hand

Çim Peka:  Obviously

Nar Koka : He simply deceived him because he was interested in my brother being in prison so that the incinerators would be closed, it was a script directed by Rama to do this work

Çim Peka:  How much knowledge do you have because you have a life dealing with senior politicians at the incinerators, who is more to blame, Teri, Veliaj, Rama or Agaçi?

Nar Koka:  Do you think that someone else has more responsibility than Rama, do you think the incinerators would have been built without Rama? Did you think that the incinerators were made without Veliaj?

Çim Peka:  One question, when you talked with your brother, did it ever occur to you to ask him how it is possible that the Tirana incinerator does not exist and the money is given there, did you sign it?

Nar Koka:  Actually, as far as I know, 2-3 days before handing over the ministry, my brother signed a contract that was the contract for the incinerators later, all the things financed were not done by my brother, they were done by Erion, it was done by the government, it has nothing to do with my brother

Çim Peka:  What about Erion with your brother, with Teri, is there any communication about the incinerators or has he given any guarantee that the Americans will not announce or make public the non-women?

Nar Koka:  I can't say this 100%, but what I heard from my brother is that they communicate day and night.

Çim Peka:  Are they after communication?

Nar Koka:  I can't give it 100%, but what I heard from my brother, yes.

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