The debates in the meeting of the seal group/ Deputies against Alibeaj, they want the candidates of the primaries

2023-03-24 18:30:00, Politikë CNA
The debates in the meeting of the seal group/ Deputies against Alibeaj, they
Enkelejd Alibeaj

Today, Enkelejd Alibeaj held another meeting with his Parliamentary Group, where the candidates for mayors and municipal councils in the May 14 elections were discussed.

Alibeaj himself, supported by Oriola Pampuri, Arbi Agalliu and Kreshnik Çollaku, has asked to come up with 61 candidates in all the municipalities of the country, as well as with candidates for the municipal councils.

But the meeting was accompanied by debates, as the deputies have expressed different opinions regarding the candidates of May 14. Some MPs have asked to come up with separate candidates, some others have expressed that they want the opposition to be unified.

At least two deputies have openly declared their position against Alibeaj, stressing that they will support the candidates who emerged from the PD primaries.

On the other hand, Dhurata Çupi has stated that if they come up with candidates for municipalities, the PD risks being reduced even more.

Therefore, she proposed that the PD of vula should not issue candidates for mayors, but only with municipal councils.

They have not found an agreement, while there are only 3 days left from the end of the deadline for filing the lists of candidates./ CNA


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