Bushati "steals" Rama/ People are fleeing from your dream republic

2023-03-23 23:16:52, Politikë CNA
Bushati "steals" Rama/ People are fleeing from your dream republic
Journalist Andi Bushati

Journalist Andi Bushati said in "Now with Erla Mëhillin" that the mass exodus in Albania started in the last 10 years.

"In the last 10 years, Albania became the country of search for asylum seekers, not for immigrants, which surpassed Syria and Afghanistan, which are at war, and obviously if we analyze people flee and why there is no opposition that gives hope and why they don't see a tomorrow in this country, so it can't be summed up in a single person, but the fact is that the mass exodus coincides with the coming of Renaissance to power, that's a fact," Bushati said.

According to Bushati, Rama does not accept that people escape from the republic of dreams that he himself set up, but says that those who fled from this republic of dreams should not be treated in a racist way, referring here to the last meeting that Rama had with Sunak in London./ Euronews Albania

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