Lover Sula does not accept the salary increase/ "cries about the problem" of the administration employees

2023-05-25 11:38:00, Politikë CNA

Lover Sula does not accept the salary increase/ "cries about the

The deputy of DP, Dashnor Sula, has denied the increase in such large figures of the salaries of deputies and ministers.

During his speech in the Parliament, Sula stated that there are MPs who deserve a salary increase, while there are others who have not done anything.

Sula, playing the role of the deputy who does not want a salary increase, has raised his voice about the salary of teachers and nurses which according to him is low meanwhile, which according to him will make the deputies to be the most hated by the people.

"I am ashamed to be part of this parliament because of the language that is used. They came out, spoke, made politics and attacked the entire opposition at a time when they did not remember to say a single word, is the salary increasing, give arguments. I am here and I will give mine. I am not against raising the salaries of government deputies, but I am against such large numbers while the administration, teachers and others have symbolic increases.

The teacher's salary is 27,000 ALL, the nurse's salary is 22,000 ALL. In the parliament, there are deputies who add value to the institution, there are others who make it shameful that in the morning they raise their hands to vote laws and at dinner they end up in a cell.

What have we done to increase the salary? Have you made this place livable? Have you fought corruption? No. Did we know how to make free and fair elections? No. What do we do, 10 days after the elections we lock ourselves in a room to see our salaries. There is no greater shame. To increase the salary by 1.6 million in a day makes us the most hated by people.

If the goal is to insult the MP up and down, well done, we are achieving it. If we had raised wages year after year, the Albanians would not have fled. The salary increase for the administration is delayed and should be done 1 hour before.

The salary increase that I receive as a deputy will go to the Association of Orphans in Peqin", he said./ CNA.al




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