Officially MP/ Arjan Konomi "cries over the trouble" of Ori Nebiaj

2022-12-03 13:02:00, Lifestyle CNA

Officially MP/ Arjan Konomi "cries over the trouble" of Ori Nebiaj

Ori Nebiaj yesterday evening ended her experience in "Purputhen", after accepting her mandate as a member of parliament.

 "It is the first time in my life that I leave a job in the middle. But I am justified as I have a somewhat greater purpose as I will have to be on another mission. I think that this mission, as far as I was, was made that way, in my character and identity", she said.

After her departure, the reactions have been many, starting from the competitors who told her heart to the opinionists Neda and Arjani.

But the latter, in addition to greetings in the studio, seems to have "cryed a little trouble" for Ori about the new task.

 "It was a nice experience to work with you @ori_nebijaj Good
luck in your new career! I am sure that you will be a strong voice in our parliament, in this vicious politics that needs you and people with your honesty, courage and preparation! ...and why cry about the problem you have, you will have to do it!!!", wrote Konomi ./CNA.al

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