The well-known Korça painter, Koço Ristani, has passed away

2022-08-09 11:56:00, Kulturë CNA
The well-known Korça painter, Koço Ristani, has passed away
Painter Koço Ristani

After a long battle with the disease, the well-known painter from Korça, Koço Ristani, has passed away.

The sad news was announced by his family members. Koço Ristani was an original artist who interpreted the authenticity of the human figure artistically, placing his inspiration there, with a contemporary aesthetic ethic.

Koç Ristani has left strong and indelible impressions in all the countries where he passed and his works were exhibited, such as in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Greece and Macedonia.

The calm natures that emerge from the painter's brush have brought the landscapes of the characteristic streets of Korça, the shores of Lake Pogradec or the golden autumn orchards. A poetic lyricism. The pastel technique has helped the painter to reveal in depth the warm spirit of man and the nature around him.

Pastel technique is more than anyone else closer to impressionism and this makes Koço Ristan's creations as original as they are beautiful./ CNA.al

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