Stop/ Was declared wanted by the police, how the head of the IMT in Elbasan reduced the fine for 2.5 million Lek

2024-04-23 21:42:55, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ Was declared wanted by the police, how the head of the IMT in Elbasan

The hidden camera of the show "Stop" has "fished" this time the inspectors and leaders of the IMT in the Municipality of Elbasan.

A business in this city has been fined for building a tent without a permit.

Through a realtor, IMT chief inspector Andri Mehja asked the citizen for a bribe of 2 and a half million Lek to reduce the amount of the fine from 17 million to 5 million Lek. "Stop" met the chief inspector of IMT, who promised to reduce the fine.

Andri Mehja:  What do you do? How are you?

Citizen:  What are you doing?

Andri Mehja:  How are you? Shall we go?

Citizen:  Good!

Andri Mehja:  What happens?

Citizen:  I have that problem there.

Andri Mehja:  Well let xxxx clarify!

Citizen:  Yes! I want to suspend it until I'm done!

Andri Mehja:  Which one will you suspend?

Citizen:  The fine, the measure, until...

Andri Mehja:  It is not suspended.

Citizen:  How can we do it?

Andri Mehja:  It is limited.

Citizen:  It weighs me down here.

Andri Mehja:  No problem, it doesn't bother you there. Do you have a problem in court?

Citizen:  Yes!

Andri Mehja:  It doesn't bother you. The court comes out with a decision then. I can enforce yes…

Citizen:  How much does it hold, without taking it to..

Andri Mehja:  Today is the last one, which will be held and then we have a deadline of 2-3 months. But today I have the last one, which I have to write that I don't do, because I have my own deadlines, so that I can notify you, that I will send it by mail later. Understand? That's why I told xxx today I have the last one, I can't take it anymore.

Citizen:  I understand.

Andri Mehja:  I have, my deadline has passed. The fines are fixed. Within 10 days I must pay the fine and notify you that you have been fined.

Citizen:  Now how will we proceed? I will .. that is...

Andri Mehja:  You will receive a fine of 5 million Lek. So you can't avoid the fine. The fine is 17 and a half million, said xxxx.

Citizen:  Yes!

Andri Mehja:  With what I told him, I believe...

Citizen:  5!

Initially, Mehja took 300 thousand old Lek as ransom.

Citizen:  It is a problem of lek at the moment. Now, shall I leave you a small caper and come and bring it tomorrow?

Andri Mehja:  I'll take xxxx, man. Don't talk, man!

Citizen:  Shall I leave you a..?

Andri Mehja:  I'm waiting! Not here! Not like that here! I will leave…

Citizen:  Ok!

Andri Mehja:  I'm going to take a piece out here, as long as he likes it.

Citizen:  Oh well! OK!

Andri Mehja:  May he meet you!

Citizen:  I'm leaving you 300,000 lek for the moment, that's it..., for the moment.

Andri Mehja:  Look, shut up, that..!

Citizen:  Tomorrow I will come and bring the rest. The 2500th told me...

Andri Mehja:  Yes, yes!

Citizen  - Ok!

Andri Mehja:  Ok! You have a 10th, which I told you will save you, that's why I'm telling you.

Citizen:  Thank you! I'm in trouble there, because I was...

Andri Mehja:  For enforcement, we will take it to court and then quickly. The court comes out with a decision and I'm not taking it to execution, I'm keeping it.

Citizen:  What time are you available tomorrow?

Andri Mehja:  By 12:00, I believe, you will close it.

Citizen:  Ok!

Andri Mehja:  Huh. Here, I'll take out a chun to come there.

Citizen:  Good! OK!

"Friend":  Oh my god!

Citizen:  How are you?

"Friend":  How are you?

Citizen:  Let me give you an order for the boss! There are, count, 300 thousand lek!

"Friend":  Okay!

Citizen:  Huh!

"Friend":  Okay!

Citizen:  Okay! Goodbye!

In the meeting of the second day, the other 2 million and 200 thousand Leks were handed over to the chief inspector in a vehicle.

Citizen:  How are you?

Andri Mehja:  What do you do? How are you? Good!

Citizen:  Are you tired? Are you bored?

Andri Mehja:  Come on, work as much as you want anywhere.

Citizen:  Listen! Are you going to destroy that tent for me?

Andri Mehja:  No!

Citizen:  Ok! That I was worried about him. How many do we have here? (Take out the money)

Andri Mehja:  Put it in, put it in, it's okay, but...

Citizen:  Wait, I did 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, (2200 thousand ALL) That I received 2.5 and I forgot that I had given it to you.

Andri Mehja:  (Talking on the phone) Hello, what are you doing?

Citizen:  Put them here on this? (Kroskoti) When I'm done with the trouble here, I don't have much. I might add.

Andri Mehja:  You are in court proceedings there. So will they. We will talk closely. Good!

Citizen:  Are you going to bother me?

Andri Mehja:  Hajd, when we meet we will talk. Good!

Citizen:  I want to cover this part as well, do you mind? I put those six panels. To come and the part here, that...

Andri Mehja:  Let's talk at the end, let's finish this once!

Citizen:  Anyway, thank you very much!

Andri Mehja:  Come on, let's hear each other!

Citizen:  Goodbye!

Andri Mehja:  Come on! Health!

Precisely for this case denounced by the show Stop, chief inspector Mehja and an inspector were declared wanted this Tuesday evening by the Police of Elbasan. They are accused of abuse of office and corruption, and the court has sentenced them to prison./tvklan

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