The Swamp of Health Care Insurance, as a Renaissance model

2024-04-23 18:42:00, Denoncim Klodian Tomorri
The Swamp of Health Care Insurance, as a Renaissance model
Journalist Klodian Tomorri

The Health Care Insurance Fund, an institution involved in corruption scandals to the point of mold, since 2019 no longer publishes any information on drug reimbursements and beneficiary pharmacies.

Pharmaceutical businesses, whose owners were arrested by the prosecution a few years ago for stealing money from patients through fictitious reimbursements, today have a much larger turnover than then.

So, very reasonable suspicions signal that the business of stealing sick people with reimbursements continues stronger than ever. This is a theft of millions of euros per month. But we don't know the data now. Because the Fund does not publish them.

And this is not accidental. FSDKSH hides the data fanatically. They also refused me a request for information according to the law. But why does FSDKSH hide the data? Because the Fund is the mechanism and mastermind of the theft. A dirty swamp.

Until 2018, reimbursement statistics were published in full; how much was reimbursed and who were the benefiting pharmacies or companies. Today we are 6 years later and 400 million euros have been spent for digital Albania. But the data is hidden.

Experience says that whenever there is concealment, there is a great theft behind it. Ah yes. The number of tourists increased. This statistic is very transparent and they all publish it once every three days. 

While the citizens' money that is stolen is hidden by the implacable bosses of cholera, it is hidden by the kukumja?ka coordinators of Rilindja.

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