Investigation/ How the Albanians cheat 'Ritello' and 'Microcredit'

2024-04-17 13:19:00, Denoncim CNA

Investigation/ How the Albanians cheat 'Ritello' and

The investigative show has long denounced in various shows two so-called companies, 'Ritello' and 'Microcredit', companies that prey on poor Albanians without a thorn in their side.

We are talking about the company "Ritello" and Microcredit. Companies that deceive Albanians for days without making any fun.

The show "Piranjat", which is broadcast on Syri TV, has managed to save the citizens several times from the clutches of lies, resulting in their sinking into debt from companies such as Ritello and Microcredit.

In December of last year, Albanians saw the lies that Ritello told two elderly people Musa and Valdete Rreshka from the city of Librazhd.

The elderly had no information about the Ritello company until one evening some sales agents knocked on their door and introduced their products. To lure the elderly couple, they gave them the air filter for free, and then managed to sell them the 'magic broom' for 2400 euros.

The husband was drunk and was easily manipulated by the broom agents, while Valdetja, following her husband's instructions, agreed to sign and receive the product.

'They came to the house and told us that we would get the broom from 3000 euros to 2400. They took over the bank and forced Valdete to lie about its terms. I signed for her. The agents told us not to tell the children. This is how the elderly fell prey to the subsidiary of 'Ritello' in Elbasan.

The piranhas closed the loan and returned the money.

After the denunciation of the case of the eyes of the elderly, the denunciations in "Piranjat" flooded the river, which also showed the extent of the lie that this company had made throughout the country.

Citizens' denunciations of Piranja broke down the fraud scheme and the methods and difficulties that the company 'Ritello' introduced.

A former employee told him the 'scheme' that agents of the Ritello company use with "Piranja" clients.

During the interview, many interesting details emerged, the former agent revealed that being an employee of Ritello is part of the fable 'The cheater cheats'.

Piranjat also dealt with the case of a family from the city of Divjaka, which was blackmailed by the financial company Microcredit to pay off the loan of one of their relatives.

Mina Bojaxhiu said that in November, a document from Microcredit arrived at his house, where it was said that a seizure had been placed on the real estate in the co-ownership.

While their grandson had taken out a loan, the elderly fell prey to the fraud scheme as guarantors, unknowingly, for him at Microcredit.

"How they made the papers, I don't know anything. I came in to do the inheritance papers", said the elderly man in the case published in Divjakë.

But this is not the only form of pressure exerted by Microcredit.

The financial company has contacted all the family members of the person who received the loan, forcing them to pay. 'Piranjat' was interested in Microcredit for this loan.

From the documentation made available, the investigative show revealed that it was a question of a loan received in 2008 in the savings and loan company Mi?e, which was part of FedInvest. But the interesting part was the fact that the same people who had given the loan have also appeared as a guarantor for the borrower, leaving as a pledge a car and some electrical appliances.

In the conditions where some material goods are pledged, everything would be very simple. The mortgages should have been foreclosed, the loan would have been closed, and nobody would be bothering to pay this loan today. But apparently this did not happen.

Microcredit did not give any answer for this part, passing the responsibility to FedInvest, the first financial company where the loan was taken.

Meanwhile, the latter also did the same, washing their hands of the responsibility that belongs to you with the claim that they sold the loan to Microcredit.

Therefore, on February 6, the Bank of Albania decided to suspend for another 6 months the license for granting loans from the financial company Microcredit. Debt collection activity was also suspended for the same period.

These companies unmasked in the show "Piranhas" on Syri Tv continue not to spare anyone in extortion, especially ignorant and uninformed people./ Syri Tv

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