"I'm sad"/ He is sent back from Argentina as a clarinetist, his son ends up making photocopies at TKOB

2023-12-11 21:26:34, Denoncim CNA

"I'm sad"/ He is sent back from Argentina as a clarinetist, his

Burbuqe Aliaj has come from Fieri to show her concern about her son, Evjord Ngjeliu, clarinetist for 20 years, with studies in Florence and a career in Argentina.

In the last three years, Evjordi has settled in Tirana, following the Prime Minister's appeal to the youth. He was promised to participate in the orchestra of the Opera and Ballet Theater, but ended up making photocopies in the library of this institution.

Burbuqe Aliaj: When the prime minister was calling on all young people to return to Albania. One day I saw the show and I wrote it on the portal that had opened at that moment. Give me an answer in 6 days, says your son, with the curriculum normally, your son has the place in the Theater of Opera and Ballet. Appears to Mrs. Zana and says yes Evjord, as of today, you are under contract until December, it was the end of October, until December I make the request every year to complete the orchestra, which lacks the basic clarinet. Please buy it. Engaged at this time and did those concerts, normal.

Journalist: But he never made a decision? So it was not decided by appointment?

Burbuqe Aliaj: Never, it continued with three, with three, with three. My son graduated in Florence, with a master's degree, excellent. The new director came, Mrs. Abigeil, at this point, 3 months, 3 and a half months, she was unemployed and they took her then put her in the library.

Journalist: So, your son left Argentina, meanwhile in Argentina what did he do?

Burbuqe Aliaj: It was... he won the competition with so much blood that he worked in the most prestigious theaters. In the Colon Theater (Teatro Colon), he competed and won in many. And in the symphonic band of Buenos Aires, he won in 120 people, just by the sweat of his brow (starts to cry). He left the symphonic band, he left because he was promised a place here, he left and someone else took it.

Journalist: Meanwhile, what are you doing here now?

Burbuqe Aliaj: At this moment, they are making photocopies for the scores in the library.

Journalist: What name do we put on this, or this position?

Burbuqe Aliaj: I have no words to say. I am very sad, very depressed. I don't know, please "Stop", please, I beg you, help me put my son in the right position.

Miss Aliaj goes to TKOB and meets the director, Abigeila Voshtina. She says that there is no increase in organics from the ministry, so she has found a place for her, enough to get a salary in the library.

The lady goes to the Ministry of Culture, but a director, who did not know the problem at all, listens to her and promises to write to her, once she is interested. The director of the Ministry even advises the lady not to stop making letters about her problem.

Employee: If you think that you are in these conditions, which is presented to me, continue the letters and don't stop, even if...! I will write you! Goodbye! /tvclan

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