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Isuf Luzaj

Communism is an unnatural philosophy of life, against the laws of nature, doomed to bankruptcy, because it is false in its logical premises, wrong and without foundation in the architecture of ideas and fiction of sick imagination.

Epistemology teaches us that the laws of nature are not equal to the laws of the sciences and never agree with them; it also teaches us that the laws of science are not absolutely true, but relatively: 2+2 do not make 4 either in physics or chemistry. There is no absolute equality in any law of life and nature (think human and animal mental intelligence). But this inequality gives the harmonious equality of every organic life. If we break this balance, we are surely in error.

Communism, Marxism, Leninism are condemned as a utopia by all the heroes of thought of the 19th and 20th centuries. The epistemology that comes as a measuring criticism: we weigh the distance in the four dimensions of the essence and existence of the philosophy of sciences, proves that communism, including Marxism, Engelism, Leninism, does not have the necessary bases to be called philosophy, because it does not present any structure of the original apparatus of inter-tonal thought, but it is only a speculation of sophisticated ideas derived from a false, subjective basis and from inaccurate and uninterpreted statistics at a certain time, in a certain place, in a certain function. Communism thus remains only a political campaign for the time when it was conceived, written and spread, among a backward people: anachronistic to Western civilization and modern technology.

If Sooren Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger, Jean Paul Sartre, Gabriel Marcel, Benedeto Croce - (to name only a few heroes of thought) are well understood - the weakness, the superficiality, the rhetoric, the integral falsity of Communism, which, by gone through the sieve of free logic, it is reduced to hyme and remains nothing but a fiction novel of a weak imagination, which does not respect even the simplest laws of natural thought (senso commune), let alone the laws of scientific logic.


The statistics of communism, which gives the conclusion in Overvalue, is a one-sided view (unilateral - of one side of interest), it is superficial, generalizing, which looks at things in general and not in analysis and in particular, as are the virtues of Epistemology, therefore it does not it is scientific in its genetic interpretation, not to mention that it is not even mathematically correct. Materialism is itself a half-hearted philosophy, because it denies or forgets, or does not see as blinded by appearances and mirages at all, the values ??of instinct, intuition, imagination, the creative evolution of female neurotransmitters, which, in a word, in a theological term, they are called SOUL, values, mental activities of feeling life (creative sensibility) that have created civilizations (21 according to Toynbee) and especially the 21st Euro-American civilization.

If we descend from false materialism to the materialistic interpretation of history, then the errors of Communism are magnified many times in theory, until they reach mental aberrations in practice, like a rock with snow, which, falling from the mountain, rolling, collects snow cloud and becomes larger the more distance it travels downhill. To prove this truth, one does not need to be either a philosopher or an epistemologist, it is enough to take a look at the History of Sciences, to see and understand that civilization was not created by the proletarian masses, but by geniuses. individual with brain light above normal.

This is one of the injustices of Nature, that in the function of dynamics, such as nettropy in the physics of irreversible heat, which is the Holy Justice, which forms the balance and harmony of Progress. Put a million proletarians together for a hundred imaginary years, in study barracks, and expect them to express a philosophical system or a scientific creation like Bell's telephone, Fleming's penicillin, or Einstein's electromagnetic laws. Expect the proletarian masses to advance (not create) modern technology. Expect them to write a poem together; poems, not hymns to dictators that are like the cackling of geese at night when they feel the fox around the fox...


If we take from Communism as an agnostic philosophy that failed (failed) Marxism and Engelism as economic and political theory and from this stage think, let's see in practice, Marxism as a state apparatus, we will find in practice the falsity of the theory, in the sad bankruptcy concretely. Within 70 years, like laboratory experiments with more than three hundred million guinea pigs or gentle mice, this regime brought the poor Russian people into the most terrible economic misery known to universal history, not to mention mental, moral degeneration. and physical. Gorbachev said: "Communism failed in its historic mission: we have no soap in hospitals for doctors to wash their hands, we have no bread in the hearth, we have no friendly smile in the people...".

When the true and free capitalist is alone in bed, he does not fall asleep, thinking for several hours how he can improve his factory so that it produces better and cheaper products. It doesn't matter that he makes this sacrifice for his financial interest, because he won't spend his treasure in the grave or in the sky to buy a luxury apartment in Heaven, but what matters is the worry, the demand, the whining, etc., for improvements, the progress he makes in the service of human society.

We know all the defects of Capitalism, but these defects are so small and so easy to correct that we accept them temporarily, until through an evolutionary process we arrive at more precise laws that regulate the relations between the work of capital, as is happening in the United States of North America, in Canada and in Western Europe.


If we get angry about the shortcomings of capitalism and jump to the extreme of communist chaos, we go against the laws of nature, because those capitalists and this system made America in 100 years the strongest state in the world, the happiest people in the world, technology highest in the world and the blessed country, so much so that it is called God's Country. To reject the capitalism of democracies for its defects is like a girl refusing to marry a boy of mental, spiritual, moral or working quality because the boy has red hair, or yellow eyes, or a big nose!

The "genius" Marx predicted that the more technology advances, the more poverty people will have, because the worker will be replaced by the automatic machine... and now we see that the opposite has happened: in the most technologically advanced countries (USA, Western Europe) the proletarian masses have a higher standard of living. In these countries, the proletarian masses have, as the case may be, 20-30-40 percent bank savings, modern houses and cars, and as Gorbachev said: "the American worker has better comfort than me who is the head of state."

As a consequence of the mistakes, flaws and falsities of the Marxist philosophy, the communist statesmen, even if they were geniuses (which has not happened to date, because in this case they would give up UTOPIA) are forced to go bankrupt as they went bankrupt everyone in the world, because they are not 100 percent to blame, but THEORY is to blame, which has the germ of cancer in the core of its seed. This cancer in theory is strengthened in practice, like any other idea or organic seed and gives its result. So the communist statesmen, before the political, economic, social, scientific, artistic bankruptcy, before the fear of the disillusioned and disappointed people, transform into tyrants (satraps, butchers, bloodthirsty, cynics) and, to save their own skin and that of the clique , create the secret police, which becomes the supranational apparatus; the state shrinks into a bureaucratic apparatus, the government shrinks into an executive office like a foreman and all under the terror of the Tyrant, the latter under the terror of himself, which results in the physical elimination of every thinking man, be it his friend. The role of the secret police is the disappearance of mental and moral values, of free thought, because these values ??for natural laws belong to the ideal of anti-slavery, even if not perfect freedom.

Where and when in history have we made progress and economic, political, mental well-being in tyrannical regimes?

In the first half of the 20th century, History, which is the daughter of Politics, accepted the great truth that Italy, Germany and Japan were right for the war they declared, because they did not have enough "land" to feed their people even with dry bread. Philosophy of History and Epistemology proved that with the same small land, these peoples live 200% better with democracy than when they had colonies and lived in misery, increasing after the Second World War the population close to 42% in Italy, 38% in Germany and 31% in Japan.


Engelism (or Scientific Socialism) is an anachronistic and utopian economic-social theory, which falsely claims to define and determine the laws that will spawn the Legislated Codes between capital and labor. It went bankrupt in all the Legislatures of the communist states and the peoples of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe who were more advanced than the backward peoples of the Soviet Union (a Babylon of races, beliefs, languages, traditions, etc.) soon realized after a few years of communist-Russian captivity , eg: Hungary, Poland, the Baltics, East Germany, Czechoslovakia (and the Yugoslavia of monkey acrobat Josif Broz Tito), but they could no longer get out of Moscow's clutches. With the development of modern technology in the free countries, the workers who have three heads in the cart, are transformed into shareholders of industry, trade, saving and buying shares in stock exchanges.

According to statistics, in the USA there are, depending on the state, 15-20-30 to 42% of shareholder workers (property shareholders) of capitalist conglomerate groups; in Europe the statistics show a lower percentage of capitalized workers, although, ironically, Western Europe has legislated the relations between labor and capital more in favor of the worker than they are in the USA.

Proof of this truth is the fact that in free countries the peoples and working masses constitute the richest tourism in the world. The statistical figures seem incredible: 58% of American workers fly from the US to all continents. In Europe, last year ten million cars entered Italy per week from the north and northeast; but more impressive are the figures that the Italians themselves left the north with 6 to 8 million automobiles per week and left from the north of Italy to the south 8 to 10 million automobiles per week. Most of these are "proletarians", according to the Marxist term.

Leninism is a bad copy of these three theories: Communism-Marxism-Englisism which, transformed into political-administrative platforms, resulted in more disproportionate errors, bankruptcies and slanders than the sociologists, psychologists, free statesmen of Western Europe and Americans; not only brought eastern economic poverty to the point of starvation, but suppressed and destroyed moral, intellectual, spiritual values, how many millions of people could not produce writers, poets, or technologists during 70 years in Russia, 50 years in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

See Nobel Prize statistics, see Russian technology, heavy industry, light industry. They only try to steal through espionage the physico-chemical formulas of war, such as nuclear energy, etc. Khrushchev said that we need to learn ten years from the Americans to be able to produce the necessary food in agriculture, industry, comfort and he was impressed when he saw a farm, where a hundred thousand chickens laid eggs when they heard the siren-order.

Stalinism, the bad copy of Leninism, gave the conclusion we know: the statistics provided by Khrushchev say that in 1950 there were 219 concentration camps in Russia, nearly 40 million people were doing forced labor, 8 to 12 hours a day, without pay, with food under 600 calories per day. If we think that, in order to feed these ponds with human elements, during 50 years, replacing the dead with new living ones, with the "guilt" of being free thinkers, or without guilt, with simple arithmetic, that is, the number of those poor victims exceeds 90,000,000 (ninety million souls).

If we descend from Stalinism with a certain circle of competent people to the small tyrant of our people and the 14 ethnic groups of Europe, behind the Iron Curtain, we will find one of the ugliest pictures of communism and the communists who administered 45 years of misery Albanian people: famine, pre-Christian Asian slavery, Nazi terror, physical and moral degeneration, disappearance of Albanian moral values: Faith, Honor, Manhood, Dignity - Modesty - Justice - until logical judgment. An alarming percentage of people have died from Azeimer's Disease (madness, loss of memory and consciousness) that makes one vegetate like a plant until it dies, for lack of food.

It seems unbelievable that the petty tyrant and his gendarmes have deposited millions of dollars in the banks of Europe at the same time when babies were dying of tuberculosis due to lack of antibiotics and others, and the people were dying for bread and moral and intellectual values ??in our homeland. poor people, or they lived in anonymity, in darkness, deaf, blind and dumb, or they died in prisons, or by lead and rope, or after being converted into walking corpses, they ended up in garbage.

The other side of the coin is the cynical mockery or the irony of fate that there are still some dazed Illyrian-Thracians or barren consciences who are holding on to the progress of the Age of Terror, because a few walls were put up, a few blind roads were paved, a few lamps were lit. electricity or drilled a few holes in the ground to extract metals and minerals during nearly half a century of work for $10 a month salary. In the US, the salary of a simple worker starts at $3.75 an hour, legally, but in reality there is no job that does not pay anywhere from $10 an hour to $37 an hour.

Those poor conceited people only look back, comparing the era of Terror with the past, but they don't have the female mind to imagine what would have happened in Albania within 47 years with a state-state, with a legislative power European, with a modern democratic government, with a healthy youth generation, in a European country, from where by air, by land or by sea, in a few hours you can reach Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, since our country has the climate the best of the world, with a happy amount of underground reserves in metals and minerals; which is the richest land or geographical expression of the world, if we consider the proportion to other countries; kerosene, cement, chrome, gold, etc.

In front of the geopolitical, economic and social panorama - religious, psychological, moral, spiritual, an Albanian who knows life in the free world, if he thinks too much about the tragic fate of the nation, he either gets sick, or loses his mind, or dies of despair, but not had the willpower to survive as a mother after the death of the only son she raised without a father. Otherwise, a man must have been born with a conscience hidden under the skin of an elephant, so that he does not feel either the joy of being caressed or the beating of a whip.

It is a law of nature that mediocrity unites against genius and wins because it is the majority: Socrates, Christ, Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, Martin Luther, Savonarola and legions of martyrs, in all nations, at all times.

It appeared over time that communism failed in its law and in the core of its subject since it proved that it could not educate generations of Marxists either in Europe, or in Latin America, or in Asia. For this reason, when the communist dictators clearly felt that the idea did not take root and had no continuation, they had no choice but to form a police state, with a secret police chosen for the typical characteristics of the work they would perform: unscrupulous loyalty, without moral values, bloodthirsty, closed mentalities that act blindly under the orders of a dictator or tyrant, without law, without regulation, without responsibility.

All human laws were suspended and, as a consequence, man was arrested, imprisoned, exiled, killed and disappeared without any justification or reason. In an evolutionary process, the Secret Police became an indispensable tool of the tyrant, because the more crimes the tyrant committed, the more enemies it gained, the more the tyrant needed it. Thus, the Secret Police in all communist regimes became the Supreme Power. On the other hand, the Secret Police also needed the tyrant, so the Government and all the state bodies were reduced to the legal scale, being converted into bureaucratic offices at the service of the Secret Police. Secret Police genocides around the world have killed more valuable, innocent people than World War II did.

According to the degree of culture of the peoples and according to the specific weight of each one's civilization, in this graduation the peoples had to understand the Falsity of Communism. It took 70 years for the Russian people and the heterogeneous nationalities of Soviet Russia; Eastern and Southeastern Europe 30 years, China 40 years and still has not understood it well; Cuba behind it; Italy 3 years; France one day; England one hour; The USA never liked it and never even discussed it. Epistemologists think that only backward mentalities blindly accept communism as the only solution and the only way out of any tyranny or colonialism.

Communism being, by its very nature, an absurd and cancerous ideal, cannot give any other result than: atheism, absurdity, corruption, immorality, betrayal, degeneration, depersonalization, the death of all mental, moral and spiritual values.

This negative evolutionary process occurs because a genetic law of nature proves that when we want to combine, graft or marry heterogeneous elements with homogeneous elements, there is a one in seven chance that we will end up with elements of a pure category, either heterogeneous, whether homogeneous. This law is 100% proven in trees, animals, insects and even better in humans. From here, to sociology (organized human society), from here to the State and its organs. Psychology plays a major role, in addition to biology, and race, language, tradition, belief and customs are experiences from which consequences will flow.

In the Albanian society of the middle of the 20th century, we had a chemical formula of various inseparable elements: a) for mentality; b) cultural; c) religious; d) economic; e) level of natural intelligence; with external interventions and pressures: a) Turkish-Byzantine traditions; b) Slavic, Greek, Latin embryos; c) fascist, communist political and ideological influence. In this cauldron, where heterogeneous elements were bubbling, it had to be cooked inside a hegemonic idea, so that the dish came out: COMMUNISM. Unfortunately for the Albanian nation, the communist leaders were all one hundred percent strangers, unknown and unacquainted with the philosophy of the 20th century and with Existentialism that explains essence and existence, gene and experience, the only values ??of human construction and , as a consequence, of human society and the State.

After the cancer of the communist ideology, other diseases were added, which came from the ignorance of the leaders of the Communist Party, starting from the leader; a bankrupt student in studies, without any culture even superficial, up to his friends who were bankrupt students from primary and secondary school, negative elements, absolute Zero for the constructive philosophical process. A castle cannot be built on a lie.

What nature does not give, Salamanca (Salamanca was the first University) cannot lend, and when you have neither nature nor Salamanca, you are forced to go bankrupt, says a Spanish proverb. Consequently: from a cancerous ideology embraced by syphilitic, tubercular, ignorant, bloodthirsty, traitorous, adventurous elements, what result would be expected? (I have done this study since 1954, in my book "Rivers descend red", (LOS RIUS BAJAN ROJOS), published by Editorial ULTRAMAR - SPANISH-ARGENTIN; since now the journalists of these countries, exaggerating (such as the mentality of the journalist) have nicknamed it the "Prophetic Book"). In addition to these heterogeneous negative factors, sick and uninformed, the disaster of Pasteur's chemical law "Origin of microorganisms" and Mendel's tree "Genes" and August Compte's in Sociology comes as a consequence.

What happened as a consequence in our human society of 1939-1945?

1) There were almost entirely communists who did not know free Philosophy and none Epistemology. 2) There were almost entirely communists who did not know the Communism represented by Marx, Engels, Lenin at all. 3) There were almost entirely communists who did not recognize the American critique of Marxist Ideology. 4) There were communists who were not interested in knowing, nor could they know what Communism was either in practice or in theory; this last (fourth) group constitutes the mass of all the warlike or lapurak leaders. If there was any boy in the bosom of the party (so far as a young man at that time could know, whether a doctor, an officer, a teacher) this class of valuable men suffered one of two alternatives: either the bullet, the rope, the prison, or set aside as castrated or amorphous.

Unfortunately, the other side of the coin also did not have a better chemical formula and similar to the first one, with heterogeneous composition - homogeneous uniform, except for a few young people who had enough culture to distinguish black from white. white. This other side, democracy, had viruses and germs inside that led to the bankruptcy of the democratic ideal. Let's think about the collaborators with foreigners (albeit a minority); rotten Turco-Byzantine debris in anachronistic hierarchies: Illyro-Thracian capitalists (MENTALITY) and adventurers, as well as in the previous category. Finally, there were two sides and that... halvah... cooked with... those chemical elements; with the same centrifugal, physical power, with the same numbers, which resemble the application of quantum theory, in the cooking of nuclear energy that would explode like an atomic bomb that explodes inside a family hearth, which was the poor Albanian family, like absurd fratricides.

To this homogeneous-heterogeneous conglomerate, ignorance, incompetence, mental superficiality or black fate fell upon him as a public curse or punishment, all gathered in the diseased brain of the rickety Roosevelt, who, failed as he was born, dazed, ignorant, like a lazy Istanbul, fell victim to Stalin's cynical smile and in the midst of vodka and caviar in Yalta, gave Eastern and Southeastern Europe to Checho Stalin. As a consequence of this decision, London's BBC Radio with the handsome Tajar Bei, anesthetized the healthy part of the Albanian people who stood as cold spectators before the tragicomedy of the nation, waiting for who will win, when the curtain falls on the last scene of the Drama of the Nation , to clap coldly in an applause: NERO.

In a brief conversation I had with the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, when he came as an invited friend to the University where I was teaching his philosophy (as part of existentialism courses), he told me: "As honest as possible, determined, smart, brave to be a communist - head of state, the more mistakes, the more irreparable mistakes, the more terrible mistakes he will make, having no alternative but crime, to continue on his wrong path , guided by the wrong Marxist-Engelist-Leninist philosophy". Tombstone epitaphs?

The greatest damage that Communism did to the Albanian people is not only the terror, the crimes, the genocide of 1944-1945, the prisons of 1945-1990, it is not the ignorant blindness with the atheist declaration, it is not the self-willed treason not imposed by foreigners, against history; no.

The greatest damage that communism did to our nation is the demoralization - degeneration - pulverization - perversion - the curse that it did to the Albanian people in the brain - in the nerves - in all layers of the Freudian consciousness, up to the gene (genie) that they gave for spawning , a series of Albanian generations with all moral values ??dead. In the panorama that our nation presents, in these last five years, when to some extent it was left free to say who it was, to see in the mirror how ugly it was; to be analyzed in the laboratory, genes - sick essences and existences, in this panorama, simultaneously hero-comic and tragicomic, the mental, spiritual, moral death of our Albanian people, known by some European sociologists, is clearly visible: What a nation, God! The man sold himself, for a cow and four goats!

A shaljan, sentenced to death on the rope, in the uprising of the Shkodra Highlands against Zog, when the judge asked him: "Have you felt in your life, on a narrower path than you are feeling today that I am sending you to the rope?" - answered: "Yes, take a man, by God, yes!" -But when? - asked the judge. - When my friend came home, I had no idea what they gave him for dinner!

Beginning of radiotherapy and chemotherapy

In order to heal the Albanian people from red cancer, an intensive and extensive parallel process is needed: A) Radiotherapy - chemotherapy and surgical interventions, radical, such as cleaning the brain, nerves, blood, genie to the deepest microsome.

The second phase is a hygienic therapy, brainwashing the people from red cancer through education in all its means: schools, books, radio-television, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Clearing the libraries of the leukemia that covers them and replenishing the libraries with books on Euro-American civilization: philosophy-sociology - epistemology - with courses on philosophy of history, diplomacy - sciences. With interpretations of beliefs, eg, Gabriel Marcel – Journal metaphysique. As a natural continuation, then the sciences - technology. All these factors can be imposed by healthy civilizations that have resulted in human happiness.

The Albanian people must sincerely recognize their mistakes and, as a conclusion, recognize themselves; to place himself at the point of the trajectory of his existence; to reconstruct his consciousness, to chemically recognize his germs, to kill them and to take a new path, with a new ideal, for a sincere democracy, for a new life, faith in God, faith in history his great fortune, faith in moral values, faith in himself, to open a new path for National History, as soon as possible, otherwise, he will lose another 50 years, in a swing here and there; one front, two back.

If he was still able, the sick person to stand up (not as a walking corpse, but as a hero), then the hope arises that in the near future he can take the place that belongs to him, as a historical people, in European civilization and in the society of nations. Let's pray to God for this miracle!/ CNA

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