Is it true that Big Brother is followed so much all over the world, as in Albania?

2024-01-15 11:54:00, Blog Ergys Mërtiri
Is it true that Big Brother is followed so much all over the world, as in
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Is it true that Big Brother is followed so much all over the world, as the apologists of banality tell us?

According to data from Great Britain, during the year 2023, a documentary film on nature attracted three times the audience of the premiere of Big Brother, which returned after a 5-year absence.

The documentary film Planet Earth ranks eighth in the 10 events with the largest television audience. It gathered about 7.4 million viewers in front of the screen from 2.5 million that had the premiere of the BB, which did not even come close to the 10th.

That Big Brother is a television product of the worst kind, that it shows banality at an offensive level for the public and that it is harmful to society, this is something well accepted in a wide circle of critics all over the world and it is not worth it let's discuss it.

It is unacceptable that some cynics in the media seek to pardon banality by saying that the market demands such products and we have no reason to worry because this happens all over the world.

Of course, there are problematic phenomena all over the world, but this is not a reason not to worry and even less to accept problems as welcome.

The end all over the world, parallel to the problems, there are also people who criticize them. The request to not accept criticism, in the name of normalizing the phenomena of the time, is something even more banal than the products they protect and, moreover, it is something that does not happen all over the world.

But apart from that, we must say that there is no place in the world where the audience goes to such levels as in Albania.

The audience of the WB affected about 3-4 percent of the British population, while in Albania the streets were emptied, with men and women, elderly and children all crowded in front of the screen.

Of course, this is bad news for the cultural state of society and it shows its bad education.

The audience is not something natural that selects products based on primordial principles established since the birth of man.

It is something that is cultivated and the order of the Albanians to feed on manure shows how their tastes, worldviews, and intelligence have been cultivated. This only shows how poor their cultural world is, for which they have certainly worked for years.

When the media, politics, schools, the social environment and everything else cultivate banality, barrenness and ignorance, this will definitely be reflected in such a dramatic way in the media market, and further, this will be reflected in the state of cultural wasteland where the Albanian society is stuck. .

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