To work side by side with death!

2024-03-02 12:23:00, Blog Mentor Kikia

To work side by side with death!

To work side by side with death!

Years ago, in England, together with some colleagues, we watched a construction worker. It was eroding the old plaster of a wall.

It was about 1.5 m above the ground. He had placed the ladder which he had tied to the wall and himself had been tied to the ladder with a rope. There were gloves, hats and goggles.

We laughed…..

For this he had taken measures as if he were in a spaceship.

English work - we said and walked.

Here at our place, the workers climb to the 30th floor, with one hand they hold on to the scaffolding and with one hand they drive the nail.
The crane lifts the oxygen cylinders as if they were bags of cement.

High voltage wires across the legs. Father and son die. About 10 others were injured. Many fathers and sons have died in the meantime.

The owners (who is never revealed who is the real one) pay the funeral money, and with a small reward they buy the silence of the poor family and, the next tragedy is gone.

The media does not have much time to deal with this story. The next one comes the day after tomorrow.

The responsibility of the structures that must control the fulfillment of security conditions, obviously. But even the workers themselves (even if they are homeless) should show more care for their lives, and refuse to work in conditions that are not at all safe./CNA

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