They freed them from the surveillance of their tyrannical father, but are throwing them into the bully arena

2024-01-29 10:06:00, Blog Çapajev Gjokutaj

They freed them from the surveillance of their tyrannical father, but are

They say one thing and they do another. This expression is remembered these days while the screens and portals, almost in unison, convey details from the newest series of the black chronicle: the story of the 35-year-old economist in Tirana who had trapped his wife, mother and two children aged 5 and 9 in the family apartment. years old and monitored them with cameras placed everywhere.

The journalists of the chronicle, already in the headlines, announce that they bring new details from the super-surveillance apartment. This is a well-known and repeated technique to give the news a serial look and to attract as many viewers and readers as possible. Everyone attacks the tyrannical father and defends the trapped and abused family. The greatest empathy is expressed for the children who slept in prison and lived in a climate of terror.

Seen in detail and in essence, the media attack is directed against the tyrant, but he himself hits the children to make their lives even more difficult than during the father's imprisonment.

Imagine what awaits the two poor children in the kindergarten and in the school they go to. We live in narrow and sparsely populated areas, so almost everyone knows everyone. In addition, bullying and stigmatization are strong and fierce, especially in children's and teenagers' environments. With a family made of phones through screens, with a father mentioned by name and surname, both children will long experience shame in public, but also various attacks from peers with bullying tendencies.

In such cases, especially when the well-being of children is at risk, the media would do well to respect anonymity and be sparing in details and increase publicity . The police and justice bodies should be more careful and careful. It blows my mind and I can't figure out why all the details of the investigation are being released to the media? Is it done as a matter of habit or do other motives operate?

Of course, such events arouse public interest and are a good opportunity to raise awareness in society. However, this is not achieved by publishing all kinds of details about family and intimate relationships, but by choosing what is useful to be the subject of reporting and the topic of discussion.

In the case of the tyrannical father, who after all likely had mental health concerns, the attention should have been focused perhaps on a scourge of our society: the tendency to keep these disorders and illnesses hidden. Such events arouse wide interest and are a good opportunity to discuss more efficiently why we have such a heavy stigma towards mental problems, what we must do so that these are also seen and considered like all diseases and other health concerns ?/ CNA 

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