What body shape shows about heart health

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What body shape shows about heart health

A study recently published in the European Heart Journal says that the shape of the human body is the best indicator of heart disease.

Compared to the body mass index, which is taken as a measurement unit and indicator of health problems, body shape is the clearest manifestation of fat deposits.

The study, which AgroWeb.org refers to, analyzed the data of 2600 women was interesting.

Apple-shaped women were three times more at risk of cardiovascular disease compared to pear-shaped women.

Experts warned that women who are fatter in the upper body are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure or ischemia.

Women whose health is deposited more in the leg area are 40% less at risk of heart disease.

Body weight is not an accurate indicator of health risks

The researchers concluded that body weight does not clearly signal health risks.

This is because many women with a normal weight but fat deposits in certain areas of the body are more at risk of the aforementioned diseases.

In other words, weight makes no difference.

It all boils down to the distribution of fat deposits and body shape.

The 3 most common body shapes in women

People are always looking for the perfect body shape, but such a thing is subjective, since the fashion of the perfect body is always changing.

Experts have identified a total of 10 different body shapes in women and girls.

However, the most common forms are:

The hourglass shape where the hips and torso are equal and the legs are in proportion to the upper body.

The pear shape is related to the excessive accumulation of fat in the hip and thigh area. Experts say that women who have such a body live longer.

The apple shape is related to the accumulation of fat deposits in the waist area.

This form is often observed in men but also in women. People who have such a body shape are more at risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease./AgroWeb

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