How to recognize the warning signs of blood diseases

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How to recognize the warning signs of blood diseases

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects white blood cells.

White cells are the body's shield against any infection or disease.

People who suffer from leukemia are also affected by many other diseases.

But what are the symptoms of this serious disease, and how to identify them?

Note if you have flu-like symptoms

These signs will include high fever, lethargy and chills. If these symptoms go away after a few days and you feel full of energy, then it was just a virus.

Be careful if symptoms like the following last for weeks:

Nosebleeds, unexplained weight loss, darkening quickly, chronic fatigue, frequent sweating, cramps and damaged and bleeding gums.

Be careful with the fatigue level

Chronic fatigue is usually one of the first signs of leukemia. Since the immune system is under attack, the body begins to reflect the consequences.

If you have little energy or get tired very quickly, these can be associated factors of chronic fatigue.

You may feel your limbs snapping even if you are going about your daily routine.

Watch your weight

Losing a few pounds is something we all aim for, but when you experience unexplained weight loss, the reason is more serious.

If you see that you have lost weight even if you have not changed anything in your day, it is good to consult your doctor.

Do you tan quickly?

People suffering from leukemia tend to darken and their wounds heal more slowly. Something like this is associated with low levels of white blood cells.

That's why doctors advise you to be careful when blackheads appear on your body and how long it takes for your wounds to close, as they are important data.

Red spots on the skin

If you notice that small red spots appear, similar to acne or skin rashes when you have performed physical activity, you should consult a doctor./ AgroWeb

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