The secret of longevity

2024-03-23 16:05:00, Shëndeti Ilir Allkja

The secret of longevity

Yesterday I visited an 84-year-old Italian who lived in Durrës.

It was just a routine visit.

As I was (unintentionally) expressing surprise at his brilliant health, he replied:

- I have abandoned sweets since my youth!

We Albanians have a tradition of ending a meal or a party with dessert, sometimes without knowing and sometimes without worrying that this habit can completely destroy our metabolism, hormones and health?

Most people worry about sweets only because of the weight gain problem, but you should keep in mind that:

Sweets spike your blood sugar, which then triggers the release of insulin and forces your body to "work overtime" to bring down high sugar levels.

Sugar comes not only from sweets, but all refined carbohydrates, including white bread, pasta, pizza, pies, rice, etc!

Even eating too much sweet potatoes and fruit always raises blood sugar.

But who are the major damages that come from the consumption of sweets?

Sugar affects your fertility, it causes menstrual disorders in women, it can make them painful, heavy, etc.

There is a direct link between insulin disorder and problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome, where the cause is a disorder of reproductive hormones.

Sugar is very harmful because it damages the inner wall of the blood vessels, directly affecting the increase in the incidence of heart attacks and strokes.

Sugar damages your immune system as well as the health of your gut, especially its good flora, and even stimulates the growth of mold in it.

Sugar feeds cancer cells, and decreases the perfusion of oxygen in tissues, increasing the incidence of tumor diseases.

The presence of stable colonies of beneficial intestinal flora (lactobacilli) ensures optimal levels of your hormones - especially insulin and estrogen levels.

The growth of bad gut micro-organisms (such as fungi and bacteria) always needs sugars, and it is precisely the fungi and bacteria that trigger sweet cravings.

Here's why sugar is more than a "weight loss" problem.

Sugar keeps you in a vicious cycle by "making you a slave" to craving it, causing you to suffer in many ways, from your gut, infections, hormones, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, kidneys and even the brain.

Abandon it, because you will win!

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