The amount of meat you should consume per week

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The amount of meat you should consume per week
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Red meat is one of the main and very tasty dishes in the meals of many families. Despite this, many studies talk about the danger that red meat can bring to the human body.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and iron, it contains a large amount of fat in the composition that can be harmful to the body.

The most common red meats are beef, pork, lamb and mutton, which are rich in fat. Experts recommend a guide that helps you get the values ??that red meat has, as well as taking care of the fat level. AgroWeb.org in this article shows you the values ??and risks of consuming red meat and how much you should consume.

Values ??of red meat

Red meat is a good source of minerals including protein, vitamin B12, omega-3 and iron. It is highly recommended when one is in the early stages of life precisely for the strength minerals it provides.

To get the most benefit, be careful to choose cuts of meat that do not have excessive fat. In this way, red meat will not affect your cholesterol level or the development of heart disease.

The dangers of red meat

The fatty acids that red meat is rich in also have large amounts of calories, cholesterol and fat. Packaged or processed red meat in particular is one of the main enemies of your health.

This type of meat is high in salt and preservatives, two ingredients that increase the risk of a host of diseases. These types of meat are the source of diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. AgroWeb.org advises you to consume fresh and controlled meat.

How much should you consume?

If you consume more than 90 grams of red meat per day, then you have exceeded the recommended values. Experts recommend not to consume more than 70 grams of cooked red meat per day.

Even this amount may not be the basis of your daily diet as experts recommend a variety of foods. Take care to always consume fresh meat and no more than 400-500 grams throughout the week.


Some good alternatives to enrich your diet can be chicken, turkey, fish, eggs and dairy products. Consume vegetables and foods rich in vitamin B12, spinach or legumes can also be a good helper.

Be sure to get protein from all natural sources that provide this. Balance the diet and consumption of red meat, which should always be fresh and healthy./ AgroWeb.org

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