Rama between McGonigal and Mayakovsky

2023-01-29 09:57:00, Opinione Luçiano Boçi

Rama between McGonigal and Mayakovsky

McGonigal has walked away with GPS from the Grand Jury's drastic decision. The initial facts of the prosecutors were sufficient to convince the members of the trial body in their decision.

The investigation has already started and the facts are being enriched every day.

McGonigal has not only been corrupted by Rama to achieve political goals, but together with him, within a Russian thread, they have attacked American democratic institutions and the democratic system itself in essence in a problematic country like Albania.

The pile of corruption already at Rama's feet has become like a mountain.

And while the public has been waiting for a reaction from him for days, he remains hidden, it is not known where.

In his escape, he chose to challenge his opponents with Mayakovsky verses.

It seems cynical that to celebrate the strength of the Albanian word of the Albanian colossus Kadare, Rama chose the verses of the Soviet colossus.

Rama presents the explanation quite personally, revealing his hypocritical challenge.

It is not known at this point who has inspired Rama more in his contemplation, McGonigal or Mayakovsky?

Se Kadare no no!

But a Mayakovsky fact intrigues the situation even more.

Mayakovsky of the "strong" verse full of sound and resounding surrendered to depression at the end!

He killed himself!

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