Is it true that gossip affects people's careers?

2023-08-12 22:26:00, Kuriozitete CNA

Is it true that gossip affects people's careers?

Needless to say, it's hard not to fall prey to the temptation to gossip in the workplace, usually speaking poorly of colleagues.

For this reason, a team of researchers from Washington State University in the United States analyzed this habit. And he came to the conclusion that the career of each of us can depend on gossip.

So, they came to the clear conclusion: talking good or bad about someone affects the behavior of others in relation to him.

No personal gain from workplace gossip

As part of the study, American researchers conducted an experiment that included a very heterogeneous sample of participants. For example, positive gossip (eg an exchange of information about the public image of other community members) about a person's work made others more likely to have a benefit in the workplace. On the other hand, negative rumors hindered that possibility.

Gossip as a weapon during competition

However, the most interesting thing that came out of the study is the motivation behind making a rumor, which until now had never been seriously examined. Talking about other people in a given community was thought to help enforce social norms or serve to create a link between "gossip."

Rather, the findings of the latest study lean toward a competitive evolutionary model: that is, people use gossip to compete with each other for valuable resources in their community.

In short, it is also true that gossip can have positive aspects, since it helps to socialize with each other, but also to know the world, albeit indirectly, through the information of others. But when it comes to career (yours or someone else's), it's better to be a little more careful./  Translated and adapted by CNA

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