These are the 7 basic dog phobias

2023-08-09 09:34:00, Kuriozitete CNA

These are the 7 basic dog phobias

Just like us, dogs can be afraid of different things. These phobias and the magnitude of the fear vary from animal to animal. There are animals, for example, that at the first movement run and dig under tables and beds and others that are more daring.

A frightened dog can react in several ways. He will either run to hide or start barking or get scared and become aggressive. These are the 7 basic dog phobias listed by Protothema :

1. Fear of lightning

Astrapophobia is a common pet phobia. How afraid they will be depends on each dog. There are dogs that disappear at the first noise and take hours to get out, and others that simply feel fear.

2. Fear of fireworks

For most animals Easter Day and New Year's Eve are their worst. The same applies to fireworks from stadiums or from various parties. What happens with fireworks is something that literally drives them crazy. 

3. Fear of separation

Just like small children, our dogs feel bad when left alone at home. For some, this fear is strong. This is called separation anxiety. Of course, their reactions may vary. Some dogs bark all day, some destroy everything they can, and some become so careless that they can have an accident in the house.

4. Fear of the vet

Rarely does an animal not fear the vet. How he behaves now is up to the doctor himself. To what extent is he able to make her relax. Arguing at that moment or shouting is the worst thing. We must be calm and not appear stressed.

5. Fear of the car

Many dogs don't want to get in the car at all. This can mean a previous bad experience (when, for example, we go to the vet) or no experience at all. To combat this fear, we can give them some sweets so that they associate the car with something good. 

6. Fear of children

You must have seen or heard of dogs that start barking when they see children and can become aggressive. A major reason for this is that the dog did not come into contact with the children when it should have. 

7. Fear of different objects

Remember what your dog did when you first put a broom in front of him. Many dogs develop phobias of various objects. The vacuum cleaner is one of them. But it can also be an ornament, a toy for children, something that makes noise, even the tree we decorate at Christmas./ CNA

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