NASA talks UFOs ahead of final report on unidentified flying objects

2023-05-31 22:25:08, Kuriozitete CNA

NASA talks UFOs ahead of final report on unidentified flying objects

The American Space Agency, NASA held, this Wednesday, the first public meeting on UFOs, a year after starting a study on unidentified flying objects.

The agency allowed a several-hour hearing that included a panel of independent experts to be televised. The team includes 16 other scientists and experts, including retired astronaut Scott Kelly, the first American to spend nearly a year in space.

"Many members of the committee have been the target of cyber attacks and threats for being part of this team, leading to a distraction from the scientific process," NASA's Dan Evans said, adding that NASA's security team is addresses this issue.

"It is precisely this rigorous, evidence-based approach that will enable fact to be separated from fiction," Mr Evans said.

The study represents the first step in efforts to explain the mysterious flying objects that NASA calls unidentified aerial phenomena.

"The team is looking at what non-classified information is available on this topic and what other needs are to understand what is happening in the sky," said astrophysicist David Spergel, chairman of the committee that directs the Simons Foundation.

The study does not include classified military data, such as data on the Chinese spy balloon that flew over US territory this year.

The meeting was held at NASA headquarters in Washington while the public watched the discussions remotely.

The final report is expected to be published at the end of July./ VOA

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