Iljaz Bey Mirahori and Koçi Bey/ Information about the two prominent personalities in the Ottoman Empire

2024-04-18 23:08:00, Kulturë CNA

Iljaz Bey Mirahori and Koçi Bey/ Information about the two prominent

"Two outstanding Albanian personalities in the Ottoman Empire, Iljaz Bey Mirahori and Koçi Bey."

The international scientific symposium was held today in the city of Korça, an innovation that highlights the historical values ??of two of the most prominent Korça figures who have contributed for a long time to the Ottoman Empire. Iljaz Bey Mirahori, the founder of urban Korça, and Koçi Bey, an investor in his village of Mborje, are the headliners of this symposium that has brought together representatives of the academic staffs of Turkey and Korça. This project was conceived and finalized by the Alsar Foundation and was so well received by the residents of Korça but also by the Turkish people. With a fairly high participation of history fanatics, for several hours, statements, facts and new documents related to the life and contribution of two Albanian figures were heard. In an interview for Cna TV, the chairman of the Alsar foundation, Mehdi Gurra, has shown the purpose of this symposium.

"What we are trying to do is to bring to the Albanian researcher previously undiscovered and untranslated materials in the Albanian language and to come to the aid of historians with new materials. Today in Korça with this symposium we claim that the speakers who are invited by The University of Istanbul and the University of Korça will bring new information about these two figures, who for a long period of the Ottoman Empire held a special place like Iljaz Bey Mirahori and Koçi Bey."

Iljaz Bej Mirahori and Koçi Bej are known in Albanian history among the publications that were created by different authors, but Gurra shows more interesting facts regarding the contribution that these two Albanians made to the Ottoman state administration, becoming decision makers in politics of those years, and then returning to their place of birth to leave their mark on the founding of the city. Mehdi Gurra indicates that further documents and facts will be extracted from the Istanbul archive and the files that this archive contains for the two Albanians, following it with the release of another publication with more information about the life and contribution to history theirs.

"I would start with Iljaz Bey as the oldest and according to an earlier period, the person who is the founder of the city of Korça, was appointed by the Ottoman administration of that time to administer this city. He started with the construction of the mosque, of the bazaar, of the urban center of Korça, about which Albanian studies are truncated since the Ottoman archived material has been missing for this figure as for many other figures. What we are trying to do is that first to Albanian researchers, we offer the missing literature in this direction, and secondly, the new data to be processed and rewritten a real story about the founding of the city of Korça and this figure who had a very big contribution at the time he lived in Korça and the countries where he served as a worthy soldier in his period. On the other hand, the figure of Koçi Bey is a figure that shocks you when you read it. An Albanian of the years 163, manages to convince the central administration of the Ottoman Empire to reformat the political structure. of the entire Ottoman state, seeing the mistakes of the time and not sparing the truth saying that it is a mistake and must be fixed. The Ottoman Empire has given a special place to the consultation, notes and reports that he drew up in this direction and putting them into practice at the time he lived. He can be called a reformer of the political structure of the Ottoman state and at the same time a reorganizer of the political life of that state, in a very difficult period that the Ottoman Empire was in. These data about this great figure originating from Korça are not known, very little is known. We took this initiative to follow it up with the publication of these statements, with the extraction from the Istanbul archive of the data files of these two figures."

For the historian Petrit Zeneli, today's symposium is a novelty for Korça and also an assessment of the city by highlighting the history of two well-known figures. For Zenel, this is the first symposium after 1995, while it was followed by a pause of many years, but it was finally realized. Both Iljaz Bey Mirahori and Koço Bey have made a significant contribution to the city of Korça and the village of Mborje, showing the invaluable values ??they had in the Ottoman Empire and the system of that time.

Iljaz Bey Mirahori and Koçi Bey/ Information about the two prominent

"I must say that today's symposium held in Korça is a very important event for this city, the first case that is discussed in the academic world. I remember that the last symposium in Korçë was in 1995 and there was a pause, so this is an assessment of the city of Korça. In the center of the symposium are two very important figures of the Ottoman figure, but they have an extraordinary contribution to their city. They originate from this place, Iljaz Bey Mirahori is from Panariti and Koçi Bey from Mborja. Both have made a career in the Ottoman Empire, and Iljaz Bey has spent all his wealth on Korça, the establishment of urban Korça, while Koçi Bey has invested a lot in Mborje, raising it above the level of the cities. The evaluation that was made today enriches Albanian history, it breaks the taboo because it is remembered that the Ottoman Empire only has its negative part, but in fact it has its own values ??that the new generation should recognize and remove some prejudices they have about these figure."

It seems that the relations between the two countries have been preserved for years now. Mehdi Gurra points out a very interesting fact that tells a lot about Albanians, and more specifically about these two figures. He says that at that time the Ottoman state was the state of the Albanians as their integration in politics was quite large.

"First of all, the Albanians are the only people who in the Ottoman Empire really reached the head of the administration at the head of that empire. The Ottoman state was a state of Albanians for that period, we only have 33 prime ministers, but the entire state structure there was no level where there were no integrated Albanians. Turkey's contribution to post-communist Albania is very high, Turkish investments are very high, the effort made by the Turkish government has increased significantly with the number of Albanian students studying in Turkey cooperation of a very high level, with relations between the two countries, without forgetting help in the religious field."

Even for Petrit Zeneli, the spiritual connection that Albanians have with the Turkish people continues to be preserved to this day. This is clearly seen from the results of the policies of both states, but also from the influence that Iljaz Bey Mirahori and Koço Bey had on the development of their activity in Turkey and then in Albania.

"Relations with Turkey have been permanently good and these are the result of the policies of the two states but also of the close ties that the Albanians have maintained, preserving the spiritual ties. What should be emphasized is that the Albanian figures have developed their activity also in Turkey and they have reflected it here as the Frashëri brothers. It is for curiosity that Iljaz Bey Mirahori has a relationship with the Frashëri brothers, as their mother was from the Myteveli family. So these spiritual connections have remained continuous and understandably so relations today are very good."

The international scientific symposium held today in the city of Korça is a very good indicator that the two countries continue to keep history alive, researching to this day about the outstanding Korça figures and giving them the place they deserve. Iljaz Bey Mirahori from the village of Panarit i Korça and Koço Bey from the village of Mborje will remain two of the most prominent figures who have invested in building a city and revitalizing it. It is expected that next year, another publication will be prepared with interesting documents and facts that will emerge from the archives of Istanbul, an innovation that will tell a lot about the history of the city of Korça./ CNA

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