"To Kill Love", the drama that touched the hearts of the audience/ The Swiss Theater "speaks" Albanian

2024-04-15 09:40:00, Kulturë CNA

"To Kill Love", the drama that touched the hearts of the audience/ The

Albanian artists have staged a drama on the stage of the Lausanne theater in Switzerland.

It is about the drama "Killing Love", directed by Ana Kuqo, which was performed on Friday, April 12.

The 2 artists, Ina Nallbani and Dritan Lluka, gripped the audience for 50 minutes with their excellent interpretation, full of emotions.

Addressing the themes of violence, miscommunication in couples and children's trauma from family fights, the drama delivered strong messages of reflection on these sensitive issues.

The non-profit organization "Swiss - Albania - Event" shared some images from the show, which touched the hearts of the audience.

"April 12, 2024

We are happy to present the special theater piece, "Killing Love" in Lausanne. 

A difficult job by the director Ana Kuqo and the 2 artists Ina Nallbani and Dritan Lluka who kept the hall full of emotions for 50 minutes.

A drama, the emotional show takes us on a deep journey into the hearts and minds of the characters, shedding light on important social issues.

In a friendly environment with artists and theater lovers, we bring to life a story that reminds us of the challenges that are experienced in love relationships and in families everywhere in the world. The theme of domestic violence and miscommunication in couples, the traumas that are created in children were the essence, guiding us to a deep reflection on their impact on our society.

With this show, we aimed to sensitize our audience about sensitive and important social issues. We believe in the power of art to change mindsets and inspire positive action in society.

Thank you for being there to support us on this exciting journey. We hope you had a great experience enjoying Killing Love in Lausanne.

Thank you to everyone who supports art and the contribution of gratitude to artists!", the organization emphasizes./ CNA

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