The testimony of the son who executed his father is revealed: I shot him with 4 bullets, wrapped him in plastic

2024-02-24 09:18:00, Kronika CNA
The testimony of the son who executed his father is revealed: I shot him with 4
Photo from the scene

Hysen Meta was the person who executed his father Pëllumb Meta with a firearm in their apartment in the village of Saint Vlash in Durrës. 

He told the investigators that he planned the murder in collaboration with his sister and that the help of his other brother was needed to bury the body. 

Meta points out that his father had become impatient because he wanted to betroth his sister to someone without the latter's wish. 

Full proof: 

We made the plan to kill the father together with the sister because he had become impatient in the family. Everything in the family had to be decided by him and done as he said. It was impossible to contradict him. The last one was the decision to betroth the sister to a person we had no idea who was against her wishes.

Under these conditions, we decided to kill him and eliminate his traces. We decided to kill him with his pistol. So in the morning we made the plan to kill him. In the afternoon, the father was lying on the couch and resting. My sister was also in the room with me. I told my father to get up. He was taken to his feet and then I shot him 4 times with a pistol.

Then we dealt with the disappearance of the tracks. We stripped it and wrapped it with plasmas. We transported him to the hut and buried him there. Later we left the car. We went with two cars to the Youth sector. Me with my father's car and my brother with another car that we took from a friend of ours who we told that we needed his car for an hour. We left my father's car there and returned with the friend's car driven by my brother. . Then, on the 13th, I went to the police and reported my father leaving the house./ CNA 


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