The horror event in Durrës/ 3 children killed their father and buried him, the executioner is revealed

2024-02-24 09:01:00, Kronika CNA
The horror event in Durrës/ 3 children killed their father and buried him,
Pigeon Mata

Other shocking details have emerged from the serious event in the village of Saint Vlash in Durrës, where three children, 25, 21 and a 19-year-old girl, took part in the murder and then the burial of their father, Pëllumb Meta in the cattle shed.

It is learned that it was the security cameras that discovered the movement of the victim's car a day after the denunciation.

In fact, they have the phone records that showed that the victim's phone was still in the house, and this is where the first suspicions arose that we are dealing with a family crime. 

According to the investigators, Pëllumb Mata was killed by his children on February 10, 2024 at around 15:00, while 3 days later the executioner himself, Hysen Meta, reported his disappearance.

After the event was published, the 19-year-old woman took responsibility for the serious crime, saying that she killed her father with a gun because she wanted to betroth him against her will to an immigrant in Italy. 

However, the testimony of the victim's son, Hysen Meta, revealed other details. The latter admitted that he was the executor and each of the children explained his role and what happened. 

"We made the plan to kill the father with the sister. He had become impatient in the family. He decided everything and it was done as he said. The father wanted to betroth the sister to a person we did not know who he was, in opposition to us. We decided we killed him with his pistol, we made the plan in the morning. He was lying on the sofa, I told him to get up and I shot him 4 times, in the room. We stripped him and wrapped him in plastic. We took his car to the Youth Sector and then I denunciation of the loss", said Hysen Mata. 

The police confirmed that in this case we are not dealing with a momentary conflict, but a plan thought out by the two children, Hygerta and Hyseni together. 

"The citizens involved in this serious event have stated that the motive for the murder was the ongoing family conflicts they had and the father's encouragement for a period of time to get the girl engaged to a person against her will," the police director said yesterday. of Durrës, Skender Hitaj./ CNA 

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