Details from the car explosion/ Car, owned by a businessman

2024-02-23 08:44:00, Kronika CNA

Details from the car explosion/ Car, owned by a businessman

The first details have come to light from the explosion in the parked car in Shkodër.

Blue reports that the vehicle was owned by the 40-year-old businessman with the initials BF

It is suspected that the incident happened because of a conflict that the latter had.

The 40-year-old has declared in front of the Blues that he has no idea who the author could be, but emphasized that he had several small arguments with several different people.

"Around 04:30, unidentified citizens allegedly threw a small amount of explosives into the vehicle parked on Bujar Bishanaku boulevard, owned by citizen BF, 40 years old. There is only partial material damage from the event.

The Police Services and the investigative team immediately went to the scene where they are working to determine the authorship of the case, as well as to clarify the circumstances", the police announcement states.

In a second announcement, the Blues declare that no tritol was thrown into the car, but fuel.

"Regarding the information provided previously, regarding a vehicle that was suspected to have been burned with explosives, we inform you that:

From the examination of the cameras and other investigative actions at the scene, it turned out that no explosives were thrown into the vehicle, but fuel was thrown.

Investigations continue to identify the author(s) and clarify the circumstances of the case," the police point out./ CNA

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