They distributed cocaine in nightclubs in Santorini/ 4 Albanian citizens were arrested

2024-02-21 18:00:00, Kronika CNA

They distributed cocaine in nightclubs in Santorini/ 4 Albanian citizens were

Greek authorities have arrested 4 members of a drug trafficking group in Santorini, allegedly Albanian citizens. 

According to the subdirectorate of the Prosecution for Narcotics at the Attica Security Directorate, which proceeded to destroy a criminal organization, the members were active in the supply, storage, forgery, standardization and further trafficking of narcotics.

In the police operation that was organized on Monday morning (19/2) in the wide area of ??the island, four members of the criminal group aged 26, 30, 36 and 24 years were arrested.

Charges were brought against them for forming and participating in a criminal organization, violation of the legislation on addictive substances and as the case may be. , violation of legislation on weapons and violence against employees.

According to ELAS, the criminal network was hierarchically structured with a professional infrastructure and had drawn up a methodical and detailed plan of action, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of all phases of the activity (supply, storage, counterfeiting, standardization and trafficking). to get maximum profit.

Roles of members of the criminal group

The 26-year-old was the leader of the organization, responsible for the full orientation of the other members in transporting the drugs from Athens to Santorini, standardizing and storing the quantities in secret locations on the island for distribution to the island's nightclubs or to other traffickers. .

The 30-year-old was a deputy manager, participating in the management and organization of the district with a focus on managing its income and expected benefits.

The 36-year-old took over the responsibilities of the head and vice-head of the organization when they were far away in their country of origin.

The 30-year-old was responsible for transporting drugs from Athens to Santorini, and the 24-year-old was responsible for finding the narcotics and "recruiting" the organization's transporters.

Quantities of cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy pills were seized

In the checks carried out in a warehouse and in three houses, the following were found and confiscated:

336 grams of cocaine, 2043 grams of raw cannabis, 295 ECSTAZY tablets, pistol, 60 cartridges, knife, amounts of 24,890 euros, 9,050 Uruguayan pesos, 182 US dollars, 100 Australian dollars and 5 British pounds, 3 electronic scales, electronic evacuation equipment of air and drug formulation, a bunch of nylon packaging and 7 vehicles as means of carrying out the criminal acts of the ring (two vans for transporting tourists, two ICHE and two motorcycles).

As pointed out by the Police, some members worked in the transport of tourists with van-type vehicles and were taking advantage of this activity to look for customers.

From the consideration of all research data, it is estimated that the profits made by the organization exceed 102,000 euros.

The arrested were sent to the Naxos District Prosecutor's Office./ CNA

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