The network of Albanian traffickers is dismantled/ 820 kg of cocaine are seized, the links with "El Gordon" are under investigation

2024-02-19 17:06:00, Kronika CNA

The network of Albanian traffickers is dismantled/ 820 kg of cocaine are seized,

The Spanish authorities have dismantled a network of drug traffickers led by Albanian citizens. The agents of the Spanish Police carried out an operation over the weekend, where they succeeded in dismantling one of the most dangerous criminal organizations of Albanian origin, dedicated to international traffic, whose operation center was in the province of Valencia, in the Iberian country.

In the operation, the authorities managed to arrest 17 people, including the leader of the group, known for his extensive contacts in South America (Ecuador and Colombia), as well as in Europe and Dubai.

The operation, called 'Alianza-Colaborazione', took place over twelve months, divided into three phases of execution. The investigation began in early 2023 after receiving information about a criminal organization run by Albanian nationals established in Valencia, dedicated to large-scale cocaine trafficking and money laundering.

Authorities identified the leader of the organization, who ran several companies based in Spain and used high-end vehicles for his activities.

In fact, the authorities are investigating whether this criminal network was related to some of the Albanians who were arrested at the end of last year in Colombia, among them Besnik Nikolli, wanted for extradition from France, who was arrested in Santa Marta in August. 2023.

"Investigators were able to identify other members of the criminal network and map its structure, as well as locate several luxury properties and industrial warehouses in Valencia that the organization used for its operations. "In addition, they discovered a car wash that served as the network's nerve center, where key meetings were held to distribute functions and provide instructions," authorities said.

In eight checks carried out during the operation, among other things, more than 820 kilograms of cocaine, 226,500 euros in cash, three GPS detection devices, 13 vehicles (five with secret compartments) and two inhibitors were confiscated. The cooperation of HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) was fundamental to the success of the operation.

Those arrested face charges of membership in a criminal organization, drug trafficking, money laundering and attacks on law enforcement officers. All have been sent to prison by court decision.

This operation represents a significant blow to Eastern European criminal organizations established in Spain, marking an important success for law enforcement in the fight against transnational organized crime./ CNA

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