From Behar Bajri to Gëzim Çela/ "Heads" of crime who were arrested in recent months

2024-02-18 12:36:00, Kronika CNA
From Behar Bajri to Gëzim Çela/ "Heads" of crime who were
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Some of the "heads" of the crime have ended up in the handcuffs of the police during 2023, but also during 2024.

14 highly wanted Albanians have been captured inside and outside the borders of Albania during the last months.

Many of the exponents of crime, due to problems with justice, are hiding in countries such as Kosovo, Belgium, Spain, Dubai or South Korea.

But in the last 200 days, some of the famous names of the black chronicles have ended up in handcuffs.

Such are Dritan Rexhepi, Ibrahim Liçi, Behar Bajri, Lul Berisha, Gëzim Çela, Julian Meçaj, Eduart Kurti, Donald Hoxha and Ervin Shahini.

Also, another arrested is the Portuguese Ruben Saraiva for the assassination of Ardian Nikulaj.

Some of the arrested persons are behind bars in Albania, and others in the countries where they were arrested. An extradition agreement has been reached for some of them./ CNA

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