The wife of Pëllumb Meta is taken for protection, the husband's people do not allow her to the funeral

2024-02-24 12:42:00, Kronika CNA

The wife of Pëllumb Meta is taken for protection, the husband's people

The police have protected the wife of the 50-year-old Pëllumb Meta, who was killed by his 3 children in the apartment in Durrës. 

The woman, Blerina Meta, was not allowed to participate in the funeral ceremony of her husband, this Saturday morning.

It was the family members of the victim who did not allow the woman to participate in the ceremony. 

In order to avoid any possible conflict between the brothers of the deceased Pëllumb Meta and their sister-in-law, Blerina Meta was accompanied by the Blues of Durrës to her parents' house in Laç. 

The horror event: 

It is learned that it was the security cameras that discovered the movement of the victim's car a day after the denunciation.

In fact, it was the phone records that showed that the victim's phone was still in the house, and this is where the first suspicions arose that we are dealing with a family crime. 

According to the investigators, Pëllumb Mata was killed by his children on February 10, 2024 at around 15:00, while 3 days later the executioner himself, Hysen Meta, reported his disappearance.

After the event was published, the 19-year-old woman took responsibility for the serious crime, saying that she killed her father with a gun because she wanted to betroth him against her will to an immigrant in Italy. 

However, the testimony of the victim's son, Hysen Meta, revealed other details. The latter admitted that he was the executor and each of the children explained his role and what happened. 

Hysen Meta has stated that he planned the murder in cooperation with his sister and that to bury the body, he also needed the help of his other brother. 

Meta states that his father had become impatient because he wanted to betroth his sister to someone without the latter's wish./ CNA 


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