The assassination attempt on 'Don Bosco'/ Erion Çela was killed by mistake, who was the target and the orderers

2024-02-24 10:42:00, Kronika CNA

The assassination attempt on 'Don Bosco'/ Erion Çela was killed

The Tirana police have solved the assassination attempt at 'Don Bosco' on January 4, 2022 where Erion Çela was killed and 4 others were injured.

According to the police, Kasandre Noga and Kevin Suçi paid for the murder of the GH citizen who was the target of the assassination. According to the police, the perpetrators confused the target. 

"From the totality of in-depth investigative actions, evaluation of the facts and evidence provided, statements, written evidence, data in the execution of a letter of order from the Belgian authorities, reasonable suspicion is created, based on the evidence, that the citizen Kassandre Noga in cooperation with the citizen Kevin Zeneli (Suçi), have held meetings and conversations, secured and given monetary sums, with the aim of killing the citizen GH, and his 2 nephews due to an old enmity that the citizen Kasander Noga has had for several years with brothers EH, alias MR and GH", said Tonin Vocaj.

The investigations showed that in order to organize the murder of these persons, Kassandre Noga contacted and ordered Kevin Zeneli (Suçi), who then contacted the citizen Ilirian Feçi and the brothers Indri and Gentjan Beqiraj, who were promised and given as a prepayment a monetary amount.

"Citizens Kevin Zeneli (Suçi) and Ilirian Feçi, in cooperation with each other, have carried out concrete actions, meetings and conversations, have been interested in the movements and have observed for several months the possible itinerary of the movements, provided the tools and weapons, and with the intention of killing the GH citizen, consuming in this way the elements of the criminal offense "Providing the conditions and material means to commit murder", said Vocaj. 

On the day of the event, Kevin Zeneli (Suçi), in collaboration with two other persons, not yet identified, as ordered by the citizen Kasander Noga, fired a firearm at a bar in Don Bosco, to kill the citizen GH, but the perpetrators mistaken target, and as a result of gunfire, citizen Erion Çela was killed and 4 others were injured.

"Also, from the evidence collected so far, it is suspected that the citizen Kevin Zeneli (Suçi) and the other persons were helped by the citizen Roland Ahmetsulaj, who has a service unit that deals with vehicle repair, cart service, sale - purchase of vehicles, etc. From the analysis of telephone data, it appears that this citizen, on the day of the event, was near the place of the event, and communicated with the citizen Kevin Zeneli (Suçi)", said Vocaj. 

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