Iran's Attack on Israel/ Sunak: A Reckless and Dangerous Escalation

2024-04-15 17:00:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Iran's Attack on Israel/ Sunak: A Reckless and Dangerous Escalation
Rishi Sunak

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is making a statement in the House of Commons about the attack on Iran.

He describes it as a reckless and dangerous escalation and that barrages of missiles and drones were launched in an unprecedented manner.

He says Iran tried to plunge the Middle East into a new crisis.

Sunak has stated that the consequences in the Middle East, if Iran were to succeed in its attack on Israel, would be catastrophic.

The prime minister has praised the pilots who shot down the missiles and risked their lives as well as the RAF for its role in helping a US-led operation to thwart Iranian attacks.

He says British forces were able to destroy the drones and together they were able to intercept almost all the missiles. Sunak says UK forces were also able to provide surveillance information to the Allies.

"With this attack, Iran has once again shown its true colors," Sunak continued, saying Iran intends to create chaos in its own backyard, further destabilizing the Middle East.

"Our goal is to support stability and security, because it is right for the region and has a direct effect on our security," Sunak said.

"We are working with allies to de-escalate and prevent further bloodshed."

Sunak also reminds Parliament that the G7 countries are united in their condemnation.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has said that he will soon speak with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to express solidarity with Israel in the face of this attack and to discuss how they can prevent further escalation. He adds that all parties "must show restraint"./ CNA

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