Exclusive documents - The incinerators’scandal deepens/ Millions for Stela Gugalla and Klodian Zoto

16 Janar 2022, 16:16, English CNA
Exclusive documents - The incinerators’scandal deepens/ Millions for Stela

The scandal over the incinerator concession, also called the biggest corruption scandal in these 30 years of democracy, for which a former minister has been arrested, continues to deepen. CNA.al has provided other documents, which show how the owners of the incinerator concession have paid themselves for ?consulting?.

According to the table presented below, in only 7 bills of 2021, the owners of incinerators, have paid millions of Lek to the company ?Zoto Consulting?. The table clearly shows that the company in question is regularly paid about 6 million Lek per month.

So in total he?s got 42 million Lek or 42.000 dollars in just 7 months. So Klodian Zoto himself has paid himself $42.000 in just 7 months. But who is ZOTO Consulting? According to the official statement, ZOTO Consulting was registered in the National Business Center on September 15, 2017, and the main shareholder is Klodian Zoto with 90 percent of the shares, and Denisa Tollkuçi with only 10 percent of the shares.

The latter is a name that also appears on incinerators. So Klodian Zoto advises himself and pays himself with millions of Lek per month. But not only Zoto needs to be advised by Zoto. Even Stela Gugallja, the owner of the Elbasan incinerator, who is currently wanted by the police, has paid for consulting herself.

According to the document below, in 7 invoices of 2021, ?Consulting SE Partners?, was paid in the amount of about 11 million Lek per month, or 11.000 dollars, by the owners of the incinerators. So in just 7 months, this company has been paid over 70 million Lek ose ver 70.000 dollars by the owners of incinerators.

?Consulting SE Partners? was registered on NBC on October 6, 2017 and Stela Gugallja has 80 percent of the shares, while Julia Demneri has 20 percent. The latter is also an administrator from September 25, 2021. While before this date, the administrator was Stela Gugallja, the owner of the incinerator in Elbasan.

So, like Klodian Zoto, Stela Gugalla was paid to consult herself. On the other hand, we remind here that in some exclusive articles, CNA.al has shown how the owners of incinerators are in partnership with owners or media executives.

Also, through documents, CNA.al has shown how the ?garbage? has silenced many media, but also the so-called journalists, who come out and do public advocacy for this affair. The documents show how millions of euros were paid, television, or even suburban portals. But even the owners themselves have been paid for consulting./CNA.al

Dokumentet ekskluzive-Thellohet skandali i inceneratorëve/ Miliona për Stela Gugallen dhe Klodian Zoton


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