Exclusive video - Lulzim Basha supplied food to the bandits at the DP headquarters/ The details that were not seen on January 8

13 Janar 2022, 18:52, English CNA
Exclusive video - Lulzim Basha supplied food to the bandits at the DP

An exclusive video provided by CNA.al, shows how two people were buying food for paramilitaries or people trapped in the headquarters of the Democratic Party in support of Lulzim Basha. The video was shot on the day of the protest, in one of the shopping malls near the headquarters of the Democratic Party.

We can clearly see two people who have filled two carts with sandwiches at one of the service premises in this shopping center. What is this video and what does it show? First, the video shows two people in a commercial center.

They are seen filling two carts with sandwiches and snacks. It is easy to understand to whom these sandwiches are taken. They are taken to some people who are trapped inside the Democratic Party headquarters. Because the other people who had entered the early hours of the morning did not need to be fed.

After the clashes they came out, and went to their homes and families. Therefore, it is the food that was taken to Lulzim Basha?s detainees. Those who many opposition voices have described as paramilitaries, criminal groups, problematic persons who were locked in the headquarters of the Democratic Party on January 8, in ?protection? of Lulzim Basha.

The dismissed chairman of the Democratic Party, who has already been verified and confirmed that he is staying at the headquarters only to use the latter for a bargain with Edi Rama, to get permission for the construction of several multi-storey towers on the land where is located the DP headquarters.

So CNA.al publishes a video-fact, which shows that two sandwich carts are sent to the DP headquarters, for Basha, his paramilitaries, people brought from Kumanovo, Kosovo and other individuals who used violence against democrats, threw gas, used chemicals against protesters, injuring dozens of them. And they did this only to keep the DP at all costs, not in the name of principles, but simply and only to turn it into a tower for Lulzim Basha./CNA.al

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