The latest technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

2024-01-07 21:11:00, Tech CNA

The latest technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show returns to Las Vegas January 9-12. About 3,500 companies from around the globe are expected to demonstrate there the latest achievements in artificial intelligence, healthcare, transportation and other fields.

Thousands of visitors are expected to see, hear and experience the latest technology innovations at the latest consumer electronics trade show, CES 2024, in Las Vegas.

This is the largest activity of its kind in the world and this year it is expected to expand even further, with 10% more space and over 3500 participating companies.

"We really represent the entire technology ecosystem. So it could be healthcare, transportation, drone, 3D printing, lifestyle technology and smart home companies," says John Kelley, head of CES.

There are about 300 manufacturing companies in the transport category alone.

"This includes companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and Kia," says Mr. Kelley. Over 1 thousand of them will be new companies.

“I see entrepreneurs who are very passionate about their product; and it's not just a product to make a profit, but more to solve a problem,” says Mr. Kelley.

This is in line with the theme of this fair: "Technology for Good".

"To me that's the most inspiring thing, to see these companies making these products with the good intention of changing the world and making it a better place," says Mr. Kelley.

At the exhibition, artificial intelligence is expected to dominate, especially in vital fields where there has been a large increase...

"You're going to see how artificial intelligence drives cars," says Mr. Kelley.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in the health sector as well.

"It is a very high growth area. We're looking at new kinds of solutions to help patients, to connect them with doctors, with healthcare companies, to provide them with solutions to improve their health," says Mr. Kelley.

Visitors will also get to see goods and services from environmentally friendly companies.

"Companies that use clean energy or that demonstrate technology that saves energy... We also see this in the category of agriculture and food technology, where companies are demonstrating how to produce in a more efficient way, to solve the problem of food shortage ,” says Mr. Kelley.

Fair organizers expect 130,000 visitors from 150 countries, with a large presence from Asia.

"China will have a high presence. Korea will have a large presence. Asia is such an important market for the technology ecosystem that there would be no fair without a strong Asian presence,” says Mr. Kelley.

Bringing the best global technology, almost a third of the companies at the CES 2024 fair will be from other countries./ VOA

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