Artificial Intelligence can even predict death

2023-12-21 19:59:00, Tech CNA
Artificial Intelligence can even predict death
AI (Artificial Intelligence) Letters

Artificial intelligence developed to model written language can now be used to predict events in people's lives. 

Research from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and Northeastern University in Boston shows that if you use large amounts of data about people's lives and train so-called "transformer models" like ChatGPT that are used to process language, they can systematically organize the data and predict what will happen in a person's life and even estimate the time of death.

In a new scientific paper published in the prestigious journal Nature Computational Science entitled "Using sequences of life events to predict human lives", the team analyzed health data and labor market linkage for six million Danes in a model of called "life2vec". They achieved this by relying on a comprehensive registry database that has been available in Denmark for several years. 

After the model was trained in an initial phase, learning patterns in the data, it was shown to outperform other advanced neural networks and predict outcomes such as time of death with high accuracy./ CNA

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