The Guardian: TikTok allows children under 13 to keep accounts

2023-12-20 17:47:00, Tech CNA

The Guardian: TikTok allows children under 13 to keep accounts

The Guardian has devoted an article to the social network TikTok.

The article said TikTok faces questions over safeguards for child users after an investigation by The Guardian found users were told it allowed children under 13 to stay on the platform if they claimed their parents were supervising their accounts.

In an example seen by The Guardian, a user who stated he was 12 in his account bio, under TikTok's minimum age of 13, was allowed to stay on the platform because his user profile said the account was managed by their parents.

Internal communication sent in the fall included a qualitative analysis.

The advice from TikTok's quality analyst was that if the account's bio said it was managed by parents, then users could allow the account to remain on the platform.

It has also been alleged that users have been told in meetings that if a parent is in the background of a seemingly minor video, or if the bio says an account is managed by a parent, those accounts can stay on the platform.

TikTok states on its website that it is "deeply committed to ensuring that TikTok is a safe and positive experience for people under the age of 18"./ CNA

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